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EBOOK: How to Become a Talent Magnet

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Download our latest eBook, How to Become a Talent MagnetThis ebook was created in collaboration with Truist. Truist is a talent brand, experience, and marketing agency. 

An engaged workforce is the secret to building a high performing company. Today’s leaders want a predictable, scalable, on-demand way to attract, hire, engage and retain talent when and where they need it. They want the right people to proactively come and willingly stay working at their company. 

They want to become a Talent Magnet.

What is a Talent Magnet?

A Talent Magnet is a company that can repeatedly attract, convert, engage and retain top talent. The result is a high-performing, engaged workforce and an improved bottom line. 

Key characteristics include: 

  1. Clearly defined talent-related KPIs and an action plan to meet and exceed them.
  2. A thorough understanding of the attributes of top performers at their company, and the conditions they need to feel happy, engaged, and thriving at work. 
  3. A competitively differentiated employer brand, candidate experience, and employee experience.
  4. An employee story content library that continuously drives interest, engagement and action throughout the talent lifecycle.
  5. A compelling online brand presence across key career channels (career website, employee review sites, social media platforms, etc.).
  6. An HR technology stack optimized to best support their employer brand and talent KPIs.

In our latest guide, you will learn actionable steps to building Talent Magnet Foundations and launching your strategy.


Download the guide today