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Diversity, inclusion and employer brand

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Prove that your company’s diversity, inclusion and employer brand are fully integrated through real employee stories.

Candidates want to know a potential employer is wholly committed to diversity and inclusion. That doesn’t mean your organization has to have arrived at perfection — it’s a continuous journey. The answer: share stories of where you are today to prove your dedication to a more inclusive tomorrow. 

Today, there’s increased awareness around racial injustices and inequity in the workplace. More than ever, candidates and employees are seeking transparency and action from companies, not just corporate statements. Candidates want to know what D&I means at your company, and how that’s reflected in your processes and policies.

Real stories of diversity and inclusion

Good storytelling is incredibly important when creating content that communicates your company’s D&I efforts. But, how do you tell stories that best bring to life the experiences of your employees while also promoting your supportive culture for all? You make sure that the employee stories you capture include the essential elements of a story. 

Real stories from team members are so important to D&I content because they bring to life the experiences of your employees, while also promoting your supportive culture for all. In fact, stories of inclusion not only attract candidates, they provide evidence of your company’s support for its team members, especially those in underrepresented groups. That support strengthens all talent audiences’ connections to the company and culture, and creates a cycle that nourishes your employer brand.

Single-storytellers go deep

The best DEI content provides proof of attraction, commitment and support of an inclusive culture—all the elements of the cycle. For instance, this story from Tiffany of Dell Technologies shows Dell’s culture of support for her professional goals, personal life and the ERG she helps lead. Because her story and examples are so personal and specific, they provide real insight into and evidence of a culture that values inclusion. 

Compilation stories give multiple proof points

Powerful D&I content also weaves together stories from multiple team members, who have experienced inclusion uniquely. Together, these stories paint a picture of the real diversity in your workplace. For example, this video from BAE Systems features employees from across the company sharing their stories of inclusion. The stories show the communities available to talent audiences, and the personal examples take the viewer beyond the traditional employee testimony: they invite the viewer to picture themselves working there.

All talent audiences need D&I stories

Stories like these are effective communication for both candidates and employees. To fully integrate D&I into your employer brand, consider how you are demonstrating your commitment across every aspect of the candidate and employee experience, from interviewing and compensation to employee feedback. Weave stories that show your culture’s diversity, equity and inclusion throughout the candidate journey. 

Celebrate team members and participate in important D&I conversations 

Cultural celebrations and observances are opportunities to recognize the heritage and diversity of your company’s team members. They’re also a chance for your brand channels and communications to authentically and thoughtfully be a part inclusion conversations.

Our updated and expanded calendar includes key culture and heritage observances, as well as new and emerging celebrations, such as National Day of Racial Healing, Neurodiversity Celebration Week, and more. 

Download the 2022-2023 Diversity and Inclusion Content Calendar 


A version of this article originally appeared on the Greenhouse blog.