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Intel women in tech campaign

Intel | Women in Tech Campaign

Since 2021, Stories Inc. has been helping bring Intel’s tech-focused, inclusive, and unique employer brand to life through employee story content. Intel has taken a campaign-specific approach to content creation, working with Stories Inc. to create employee story campaigns  that engage specific talent audiences: Elite Athletes, African American Women in Tech, and Early Career Professionals. This case study will focus on the African American Women in Tech campaign.

Since 1968, Intel has been changing the world by developing ground-breaking technologies while creating an entrepreneurial culture. As a world-leading innovator, Intel was one of the first companies to recognize the importance of employer branding and recruitment marketing. Today they have a sophisticated global team that works together to attract, convert, and retain tens of thousands of employees every year.

The Challenge: Hiring African American Women in Technology

Intel has always been on the forefront of diversity, equity, and inclusion and creating an inclusive culture for all. In 2022, the recruitment marketing team was focused on supporting Intel’s 2030 goals of exceeding 40% representation of women in technical positions and doubling the number of women and underrepresented minorities in senior leadership roles.

First, they looked to their robust talent community as a channel to convert talent who had already expressed interest in joining Intel. Up until this point, Intel was only using their talent community to push out job alerts. With more than 2,000 diverse women technologists subscribed to their talent community, Intel realized this was a missed opportunity to communicate culture and drive engagement with this key audience.

With that goal in mind, Intel set out to create a targeted email nurture campaign that would drive engagement and applications with their existing African American Women in Tech (AAWIT) talent pool. Enter Stories Inc.

The Solution: Using Employee Stories to Create a Women in Tech Campaign

To reach these goals, Stories Inc. would create a woman in tech campaign grounded in the stories of AAWIT thriving at Intel. The emails—and the videos and blogs included in them—would create awareness amongst Black Women in Technology that Intel is a place where they belong and can thrive.

In addition to the emails, the videos and blogs created by Stories Inc. would be used across Intel’s other talent channels to reinforce important cultural and DEI topics.

But first, Stories Inc. needed to uncover the stories.

Interviewing Women in Technology at Intel

Stories virtually interviewed six African American female technoligists at Intel, strategically selected to mirror the candidates Intel was looking to attract. Their roles ranged from engineers on hardware, software, analog and data storage teams, to a platform architect, and a strategic chief of staff. And, their tenure and experiences were ideal for sharing their stories of working on interesting projects, new technologies, and personal experiences that show Intel’s broader culture through an inclusion lens.

Over the course of the conversations, five themes began to emerge as a common thread throughout the women’s experiences:

    1. Culture of Inclusion
    2. Career Growth
    3. Community Impact
    4. Commitment to Diversity
    5. Impact of their Work

These themes would become the topics for each of the emails in the campaign.

A Content Plan Highlighting Exceptional Black Women 

With the email themes identified, Stories Inc. got to work creating nine videos and seven blogs that would bring the themes to life through real employee stories. These pieces of content would be shared within the emails as well as across Intel’s talent channels.

Compilation Culture Theme Videos

Stories Inc. helped Intel create two compilation culture theme videos—videos featuring multiple storytellers speaking to a similar topic—to communicate their experience as an African American woman in technology at Intel.

Culture Theme #1: Women Driving Innovation Forward 

Erica and Kekuut have taken their engineering skills and designed, improved and automated technologies that continue to make an impact at Intel and beyond.

Culture Theme #2: A Culture of Togetherness 

From mentoring to navigating hard conversations, meet Intel team members who are creating a community where all Black women at Intel can be themselves and thrive at work.

Employee Spotlight Videos

In addition to the compilation videos, Stories Inc. created seven employee spotlights—videos featuring a single storyteller that give them the opportunity to tell a longer-form story.

Employee Spotlight #1: Inspiring Women of Color at Intel 

Nnennaya is not only a Black Engineer of the Year award winner, she’s also helping advance issues important to young women and women of color through her work at Intel and in the community.

Employee Spotlight #2: Being Welcomed for You 

When LaToya wasn’t getting called back from job applications, she started using her middle name on her resume. When she started talking to Intel, they wanted to hire her for her.

Employee Spotlight #3: Building Products for Everyone

Kekuut has found her place at Intel, where the importance of diversity is recognized in product development and where her voice matters in the process.

Employee Spotlight #4: Community Impact 

Intel team members love giving back. LaToya’s favorite community outreach events include helping students immerse themselves in tech and see all the possibilities in front of them.

Employee Spotlight #5: Intel is Better With You

After being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, Erica found nothing but support from her teams and managers at Intel.

Employee Spotlight #6: Tackling New Challenges

When a new challenge is presented to Aline at Intel, she says “yes.” Those opportunities have given her the chance to dive into new technologies, which has been a fascinating part of her career journey.

Employee Spotlight #7: Doing the Work

Lenitra joined Intel at a time when she was the only woman of color on her team. Fast forward 18 years later and her impact isn’t felt just in her work, but in the welcoming space she holds for other women of color joining Intel today.

Articles for the We Are Intel Blog 

In addition to video content, each of the email nurtures to Intel’s target candidates would also include links to articles relating to the inclusion and career themes. Again, the Intel storytellers’ perspectives and quotes served as substantive sources for these pieces on the We Are Intel blog.

Blog 1: Inclusion at Intel 

Blog 2: Meet the Black Women Revolutionizing Technologies at Intel

Blog 3: From product innovation to process automation, projects at Intel have global impact

Blog 4: “It truly feels like home for me” – One technologist’s journey back to Intel

Blog 5: Come as you are (no, really)

Blog 6: “It really made me feel like I mattered” – Employees share Intel’s commitment to diversity and inclusion

Blog 7: How Black Women Inspire the Next Generation of STEM

African American Women in Tech Campaign: Distribution and Performance

The AAWIT campaign ran from February to May 2022. After being sent to 2,300 diverse female technologists in Intel’s talent community, the campaign had a 49% open rate (industry benchmark is 25%) and a 6% click rate.

Screenshot of one of the emails sent out to Intel’s talent community. Each email included calls-to-action to watch a video and read a blog post.

The campaign also drove a meaningful number of applications and received positive feedback from candidates and team members alike.


By prioritizing the hiring of more Black women through stories content, Intel communicates the value its culture places on diversity and inclusion. By showing candidates the real stories of women with similar backgrounds, Intel gives them a window into the lived employee experience and shows there is a place for them at the company to thrive.