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Communicating Core Values

What are Core Values?

We at Stories Inc. are big believers in the importance of core values. Our own have provided a framework for every aspect of our business, from decision making to how we communicate, to how we grow our business and beyond. But, just claiming to have core values is one thing; living by them is a horse of a different color. It begs the question: how do you know if you’re living by them, and further, how do you share them?

How do you communicate core values?

We believe communicating your core values should be:


Stories have been engaging humans since the beginning of our existence. The reason? Human brains are wired to activate much more when consuming stories than other types of information. The result is increased engagement and retention of the information. Sharing stories about how your organization brings your core values to life is much more engaging than just stating what your values are.


Storytelling in communicating your core values helps to establish authenticity. Most companies have core values—even Enron had “Integrity” as a core value—but in the absence of stories that illustrate each value, the candidate or consumer is left to wonder if they are words on a paper or truly how you work A story can establish trust by providing authenticity of each value.


Communicating core values is typically done in a very straight-forward way: stating the values, nothing more. But, what makes your workplace great goes much deeper than that. At Stories Inc, we tie the stories we uncover to the more substantive aspects of your core values.

Communicating your core values with storytelling?

Stories are the best way to share proof of your core values. The Stories Inc. methodology is to capture stories first, then bring them to life using a variety of media. For example, we’ve used beautifully illustrated comics to share stories that lack a visual component or have some camera-shy participants.

Get started telling your story.