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Careers Page Consultation and Strategy

Your careers page is a major component of your strategy to attract top talent. And that top talent is very discerning; they are searching for more than job postings, they are looking for a career, the opportunities to grow and the right company to join in order to achieve all of that. 63% of employees/candidates are searching directly on company websites to learn more about job openings and the company culture, making it crucial to optimize your company career page with the recruitment marketing content your candidates are looking for.

Case Study: Refreshing DCU's Careers Page

What Makes for a Successful Careers Page?

A successful career page will highlight content that answers all of your candidates’ questions in an engaging and thoughtful way. Some of the most important information candidates are looking for include:

  • 84% of candidates are looking to learn more about company culture
  • 71% of candidates want to know more about work-life balance
  • 63% of candidates want to know more about company benefits

Why You Need to Use Stories

Your career site is there to differentiate your organization from other potential employers, while at the same time giving your candidates an inside look at what it’s like to work there. Stories are the best way to accomplish both.

No two stories are exactly alike. From video to photos and employee testimonials, your career page stands to be a hub of diverse content that creates a long-lasting impression on candidates as they begin their journey. Stand out from the crowd by keeping these three tenants in mind as you create your career page content:


Your careers site is one of the first places a candidate looks — is their first impression of your company a boring one? Instead of listing off job openings or your standards benefits package, engage with your candidates and start a conversation with them and your brand.


Using stories on your careers page helps to establish authenticity. It’s very common to hear someone describe their company culture as being like a family. But without proof, the candidate has no reason to believe it’s true. Uncover the stories that show, rather than tell, that characteristic in action.


Make sure candidates leave your site with answers, but being specific doesn’t mean you have to be uninteresting. Stories can illustrate benefits and policies while still revealing some of the unique “you” aspects of your company culture.

Our favorite career page content:

Besides answering specific questions, careers site content should provide insight into the culture. Only use real team members in videos, written testimonials, and images each candidate touch point is an opportunity for them to better understand your organization and gauge whether or not they could be successful there.

Here are the four areas of content critical to a successful careers site and an example of a story successfully illustrating it:

Mission + Values

CVS Health’s purpose statement is “Helping people on a path to better health.” Meet Maryalyce Saenz and hear about the day she realized she was in the right place.

Career-specific Content

A lot of organizations have a sales department. But, Robert Dawkins’ story demonstrates the competitive, team-oriented atmosphere with Frontpoint Security sales.

Highlighting Niche Hiring Areas

Dell supported Cherry Lynch when she wanted to serve her country and have a career. From veterans to interns to Women in STEM and more, these niche groups need to know how they will be supported.

Benefits and Policies

63% of candidates want to know more about a company’s policies and benefits. So, at the end of every month, The Motley Fool draws a name and that person has to take two weeks off before the end of the month. How would you spend your Fool’s Errand?

Start improving your career site today.