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The Best Employer Branding Videos

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The best employer branding videos, all featuring employee stories for activating employer brand and revealing real culture. Here’s your ultimate list for 2023.

Employee stories are the best tools for activating your employer brand across channels and bringing your employee value proposition (EVP) to life. 

Capturing those stories and using them in compelling, watchable, engaging video content is the best employer branding activation strategy. 

In short, the best employer branding videos always include employees’ real stories.

In 2023, video reigns supreme for activating employer brand 

Stories Incorporated has been tracking video marketing’s efficacy since our founding 10 years ago, and year over year, the numbers just keep going up. Today, data indicates that video on a landing page increases conversion rates by over 80 percent.* Including the word “video” in an email subject line increases open rates by 20 percent.* Job ads with embedded video get 800% more engagement.

And, your competitor companies are using video. 88 percent of talent pros believe video generates more responses from passive candidates, and 85 percent of talent marketers say an investment in video has a good ROI.  

Why compelling, accurate employer branding videos are critical 

After gathering data jointly in 2021, LinkedIn and Microsoft* made the bold proclamation, “Now is the time to lean into employer brand.” Together, they came to this conclusion based on a variety of findings from current workers’ job seeking activities, responses to corporate and recruitment content, and survey responses. This wealth of combined data revealed an important conclusion:  

Value propositions that attract employees dramatically evolved in the pandemic.     

Pre-COVID, big name companies were most likely to draw candidates. Today, working for a well-known brand is a lesser priority. Actually, personal job satisfaction and quality of life are higher priorities than they were pre-pandemic. Additionally, employees and candidates are increasingly prioritizing cultures that offer employees passion, purpose, inclusion, flexibility and remote/hybrid work options.  

Employee stories best communicate the top employer brand priorities 

Employee stories are the best sources for your recruitment marketing and employer branding content.  Significantly, stories are the most effective way for your company to show proof of your real culture. They show the evidence of the passion, purpose, DEI and flexibility present in your employee experience. 

Essentially, people watching your videos can’t argue with the employees’ experiences, and the content comes from the most believable source possible. That’s why stories, not “testimonials”, are the key elements of the best employer branding videos. 

The 11 best employer branding videos, grounded in employee stories 

And now, here’s the roundup of examples. Check out this diverse and inspiring collection of the best employer branding videos. Yes, they’re all the result of Stories Incorporated’s work with incredible partners. But, most importantly, they’re all grounded in real employee stories that uniquely, irreplicably reveal culture and activate their employer brands. 

Feel Seen, Heard and Valued at Capital One

Unique stories of the team members reflect how identity, perspective, inclusion, and purpose shape the Capital One employee experience. From the story of a gay father who was supported in his adoption of two children while working at the company, to leadership team members sharing how they’re seeking to bridge any gaps in their culture of inclusion and belonging, the stories are personal and real. 

Life at Dell Technologies

They’re a huge, global company. But through stories, Dell Technologies shares its universal employee experience. The stories of team members show how flexibility, inclusivity, and excitement for innovation presents for its people all over the world. It’s a fantastic example of an employer branding video that can resonate with employees, candidates and consumers. 

Activating an EVP at Lockheed Martin 

When Lockheed Martin developed an EVP, they knew they needed stories to activate all their hard work. Employee stories were uncovered to communicate each of the EVP’s five pillars, and employee story content was created to bring those pillars, and the overall EVP, to life. Learn more and see the full video series in our case study. 

Philips: Our Culture Is Unique 

In a post-COVID world, employees are largely feeling less connected to their companies and experiencing diminished company culture.* Philips communicates its work towards cohesive, globally-connected culture by capturing stories (via virtual story session) from team members all over the world. 

Working at BAE Systems 

The specifics of a job, role or team shared in an employee’s story not only connect with a potential candidate for a similar role. They also reveal larger evidence of overall culture, as in this video created for BAE Systems. The stories also show how employees are personally fueled by the mission of the company.  

AstraZeneca’s Team Culture 

Great stories of a company’s team culture ideally serve as examples of wider culture and corporate values. It’s possible when content is created that intentionally connects Team Value Proposition (TVP) to the EVP. This video of the bio-pharmaceutical division (BPD) team at AstraZeneca is a perfect example. 

“We’re Like Family,” Reimagined with Stories

We’ve seen all the memes that say a job description that includes the phrase “like a family” is a red flag. (And we were one of the first sources on the Internet to break down why “we’re like family” is a phrase that usually doesn’t illustrate culture well.) But “family” is one of Loews Hotels’ stated and essential corporate values, tied closely to both its customer brand and its employer brand. Through multiple employee perspectives, this value is brought “home.” 

Capital One Associates Revolutionize Banking 

The unique stories of Capital One associates communicates its 2022 employer branding priority that it’s a leading tech company. From the story of an engineer excited about a new credit card technology, to the story of a coder enjoying (and winning!) the Capital One hackathon, the stories show high tech innovation in action. 

Diversity of Thought Is Welcome Here 

It is possible to show that a company with close to 200,000 employees strives for inclusivity and welcomes diversity. Dell Technologies does it by bringing in team members’ perspectives from all over the organization. Employees from a wide array of roles, locations and backgrounds share their personal stories of when they’ve experienced inclusion and seen diversity celebrated.  

Life at Interactions 

As we stated at the start of this article, being a household name isn’t a top priority for candidates today. And while Interactions is a massive name in Artificial Intelligence, a candidate audience new to the Interactions brand can experience the company’s culture. It’s possible due this collection of employee stories, sourced from a variety of roles.  

Your employer branding videos need employee stories 

You need compelling employer branding videos that connect with your audiences. And therefore, you need to uncover unique employee stories that bring your employer brand to life. 

If you’d like to learn more about Stories Inc. and how we can help you create employer branding content, book a demo with our team today. Or, download our latest ebook to continue learning about how to use employee story content to reach your employer branding goals.  

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