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Mastering LinkedIn

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Employee stories can grab attention and inform candidates at the same time.  With just a few words or an image, some stories get to the heart of what it means to work at your organization. And those quick but powerful stories are ideal social recruiting content. This week, we are all about LinkedIn for recruitment marketing.

The Stories team has been working on social media talent strategies this week, from delving into what makes an employer branding hashtag effective for candidates and employees, to researching how to trend on LinkedIn. We shared a video to our LinkedIn page including some of our tips, and the comments from the community have provided further insight into increased LinkedIn views. Join in! 

Tips for Trending on LinkedIn (How We Did It)

The Stories Inc. team wanted to trend on LinkedIn for our key hashtags. Why? To better communicate, of course, but also so we could show you how to do it, too. We researched best practices for increasing your trending tendencies. Here is our exhaustive article with our best tips to make a big impact on LinkedIn. We also created a video tutorial for LinkedIn, about LinkedIn.

Employer Branding Hashtags That Are #KillingIt at Social Recruiting

When candidates search social media to learn about your company, what will they find? Provide candidates with the information they seek through hashtags for your employer brand on your social channels. Here’s how to do it.