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A corporate history in the making

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Stories Inc. helps companies share their corporate history story through the creation of beautiful, interactive, multimedia content.

At Stories Inc., we are all about documenting the stories of businesses, institutions, and organizations. We feel that a company’s journey and its corporate history tell a compelling story that should be put to good use. Because, your stories are the best content for your preservation and posterity. Plus, they’re incredible content for your marketing and human resources purposes.

And so, at Stories Inc., we help companies share their story. And, we do it  through the creation of beautiful, interactive, multimedia content.

This blog will provide an opportunity for us to “walk the walk” or “practice what we preach”—that is, to document the stories of our company. Through this channel, we’ll be sharing the stories that define our journey along with interesting things we see related to our industry.

Please check back here for updates on our progress, and please participate by commenting and sharing. We’d love for you to be a part of our evolving story.

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