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10 Stories We’ll Never Forget, In Honor of 10 Years of Stories Inc.!

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Stories Incorporated shares 10 stories we’ll never forget, in honor of our 10 year anniversary. 

Stories Inc. is 10 years old! 

That’s 10 years of uncovering stories from team members from all over the world, in companies big and small. In fact, in the past decade, Stories Inc. has racked up some pretty impressive numbers, including:

6,540+ Employee Stories Captured

35,000+ Photos Delivered to Clients

1,395 + Pieces of Content Delivered to Clients

43 U.S. States and 33 Countries visited IRL or virtually for story sessions

330+ Virtual Story Sessions Hosted

Every story we have captured is unique. And, as memorable stories do, some have particularly stuck with us through the years. Stories are so many things: 

  • They are timeless, but also completely of the moment.
  • They teach us things, but can also make us laugh at universal truths.

Ultimately, all of our favorite stories brought company culture to life in some way. So, to commemorate our 10 year anniversary, here are 10 stories we will never forget. 

1. The Motley Fool: Fool’s Errand — much more than just a cool perk

Early on, Stories Inc. was lucky to work with The Motley Fool, renowned culture innovators. Not only did we learn a ton from them about how to build a thoughtful, compassionate and fun culture (and successful business), but they gave us one of our first opportunities in employee storytelling. We started by uncovering employee stories to commemorate their 20th anniversary, but then we saw all the ways we could apply those stories for onboarding. We created an onboarding digital story book, and built an interactive employee handbook. Ultimately we paired real stories to illustrate their innovative policies, like “Fooliversary” and “Fool’s Errand.” These policies and programs say something more profound about culture than just highlight fun perks, which taught us to always look for the deeper meaning and cultural connection. 

Filmed in 2014

2. Kasasa: Living your values —Love at work

We love working with companies that live their values. Kasasa, a unique community banking network focused on compassionate customer service, was one of those organizations. It was easy to find stories that illustrated their five values. One of our favorites is this one from Rae, that demonstrates their Love value. 

Filmed in 2015

3. CVS Health: Big corporate risks impact employees in unexpected ways

In 2014, CVS Health decided to stop selling cigarettes. This was a huge and risky decision, as the company would would lose billions in revenue as a result, but it was a decision they had to make if they were really going to be a healthcare company. An important result of this decision: the impact on CVS team members. Maryalyce, an employee at CVS Health, talked about the striking affect that decision had on her family.  

Filmed in 2017

4. Digital Federal Credit Union: Would you do this for a coworker?

Over and over again, the Stories Inc. team finds that a simple story says a ton about an organization’s culture. When we learned about how Digital Federal Credit Union (DCU) employees showed up for a colleague, it makes us reflect, “Would you do this for a coworker?” 

Filmed in 2016

5. BAE Systems: Diverse Voices, Stories of Inclusion 

We can all agree communicating commitment to inclusion, diversity and belonging is critical. When we worked with BAE Systems, Inc., we uncovered stories of belonging and inclusion from storytellers across roles, departments, worksites and Employee Resource Groups. Weaving various voices together makes inclusion multi-dimensional for viewers, and shows its reality throughout the culture. 

Filmed in 2017

6. ElectronicArts: Unexpected Personal Purpose at Work 

Uncovering stories that demonstrate both personal and organizational purpose are incredibly important to creating culture content that works. You can find it in unexpected places, like Eric did at Electronic Arts. 

Filmed in 2017

7. Ochsner Health System: Parents’ pride

Sometimes jobs are complex and technical, and sometimes others don’t have a clear picture of what we really “do all day” or the importance of our roles. No matter your career, or if you’re talking to potential candidates or your own parents: the very best way to describe a job is through a story. Charlie’s story of his parents hearing about his work as a nurse at Ochsner Health System a patient is one we will never forget. 

Filmed in 2018

8. Stories Incorporated: Virtual Storytelling Sessions and our stories in the pandemic 

Life changed forever for all of us in March 2020 when COVID arrived. Stories Inc. responded in two critical ways. Number one, the team stayed connected and the partners resolved to do all they could to avoid any layoffs. They were successful, thanks to key response number two: Developing Virtual Story Sessions as a way to support our clients and create awesome culture content virtually. This story from co-founders Lauryn and Scott not only shares that experience, but is also an early example of our Virtual Story Session capability. 

Filmed in 2020

9. Dell Technologies: Work from Anywhere 

As the world adjusted to working in a pandemic, collectively it struggled to find what was normal at work. Dell Technologies tapped us to help capture their global team members’ various, diverse work experience. From photographing work on-site at Dell offices, remotely from home, and hybrid experiences, we were able to capture the spirit of what working really looks like today.  

Photographs from 2020-2022

10. Trane Technologies: Prioritizing and sharing about employee mental health

Another lesson learned by all of us post-COVID: the importance of personal wellness and removing all stigmas from prioritizing mental health. It was an honor to help capture Trane Technologies’ stories. 

Filmed in 2022

Stories like these 10, and the thousands more we’ve captured in the last decade, are the life force of the work we do. Let us know if we can help you capture your stories!

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