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Social Recruiting Content

The Power of using Employee Stories in Social Recruiting

Why should you use employee stories for your recruitment marketing social content?

Stories grab attention

Your content must grab the attention of potential candidates who aren’t currently engaged with your brand.

Stories are memorable

Then, you need to make a lasting impression. People retain stories more than any other content.

Stories keep candidates engaged while they are in the consideration phase

For candidates that are more fully invested in evaluating their fit against your culture, stories keep them learning more–about general and specific topics important to them. (Statistic that talks about more educated candidates make for better candidates). The quality, breadth of topics, and amount of content matters to create a better informed, and better fit, candidate.

Stories are likeable and shareable

A personal and relatable story makes for shareable and likeable content, which spreads messages about your employee experience organically.

Example of Social Recruiting Content on LinkedIn

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