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Tag: Content for Recruitment Chatbots

company culture video vendor

Why the “company culture video” is more important than ever

Reading Time: 5 minutes Creating recruitment marketing and employer branding videos that feature several employee perspectives is more important today than ever. Yes, your company culture video is experiencing a renaissance. Here’s why. The reliable “company culture video” is an important cornerstone of your recruitment marketing content stack. Its

Life at Dell culture video

7 of the best company culture videos

Reading Time: 5 minutes The best company culture videos really capture the employee experience. Company culture videos give real insight to candidates actively considering you as an employer. When you are honest about what it’s like to work at your company, candidates can make better, more informed career decisions.

What recruitment marketing content do I need for my chatbot?

Reading Time: 4 minutes This post is an excerpt from The Complete Content Guide to Fuel Your Recruitment Marketing Technology. Download the guide. You’ve gotten the green light to add a chatbot to your recruitment marketing tech toolkit. Congrats!  Where career sites give rich insight into culture for candidates