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Social Recruiting Content

Why is Social Recruiting Content important?

Whether you are already active on social or are new to the game, there’s no denying it: social media is no longer business-optional. The potential audience is too wide, with 1.7 billion monthly active users on Facebook, 500 million on Instagram, 310 million on Twitter, and 100 million on LinkedIn. Even if we factor in that many of these users most likely overlap, it is still a lot of people.

Beyond the ability to reach potential customers, social media has entered the world of recruiting. In a 2016 survey, SHRM found that 86% of organizations use social to recruit and an additional 9% plan to do so. This is a 28% increase in companies using social recruiting content since 2011.

The Power of Employees Sharing Social Recruiting Content

While clearly your company’s online presence is crucial, you shouldn’t stop there. When publishing social recruiting content online, candidates tend to trust your employees more than the official company brand. In fact, according to a 2014 survey, 65% of respondents would consider an opportunity for a new job if they learned about it from a personal connection. And in terms of analytics, a LinkedIn study found that “employees get 2x higher click through rates from their shares compared to company shares of the same content.”

Create a Social Recruiting Content Library

This realization means that you must actively develop your employees into brand ambassadors. The best way to do so is by arming them with engaging social recruiting content. Social recruiting content can include infographics, videos, tweet-able statistics, podcasts – anything that shows what makes your company your company.

Content and lots of it is key. By making a diverse library of social recruiting content available to your employees, they will have the power of choice to share what they believe in and what they feel matters. The passion behind their personal sharing of your brand will resonate with potential candidates more personally than a company post ever would.

Are you empowering your employees as brand ambassadors with social recruiting content?

Get started telling your story.