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Favorite story of 2019: parent pride at Ochsner Health System

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This post is part of a blog series, featuring our favorite stories of 2019.

How would your parents describe what you do for a living? employees asked their parents to describe their children’s professions and hilarity ensured (video below).

“What is my job title?” a senior engineer asks his dad. 

“Matchmaker! No, senior matchmaker!” his dad says enthusiastically.

Sometimes jobs are complex and technical. Sometimes our audience isn’t part of our career domain. It doesn’t matter what career you’re describing, or if you’re talking to potential candidates or your own parents: the very best way to describe a job is through a story. 

That’s one reason Charlie’s story from Ochsner Health System is one of our favorites of the year. 

Charlie’s parents own a Chinese restaurant, where their son has worked since he was six years old until he became a nurse. 

Watch the story here:

“My mom didn’t understand the work I do,” Charlie said. “And to have one of my patients come up and say, ‘You should be so proud of your son. He helped save my husband’s life.’ That makes it all worthwhile.”

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