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Episode 2: How Salesforce Onboards New Hires

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Welcome to the Attract/Retain/Engage podcast! Through our work, we hear tons of great stories and best practices of people-centric companies. We’re using this onboarding podcast to share those stories and best practices with you.

90% of new hires decide whether to stay with a company long-term within the first 6 months on the job.

Your stories are powerful tools you can use to create a positive and memorable onboarding experience and retain top talent after a candidate becomes a hire—find out how and hear a few great examples!

Grab your headphones and take a listen to the second episode, featuring our own Lauryn Sargent, Scott Thompson, Heather Abrams, and Salesforce’s Senior Manager of Marketing Communications, Sarah Boutin, and Director of New Hire Experience, Theresa Ludvigson. This episode focuses on onboarding new hires.

Enjoy our onboarding podcast episode:

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