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DEI presentation on-demand: Employee stories communicate DEI progress and strategy

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Access our on-demand DEI Presentation from TA Week! This workshop shows how employee stories communicate DEI progress and strategy, with examples from leading brands.

“Diversity and inclusion statements” may be rooted in good intention, but they’re ineffective.

Audiences will believe an organization really values DEI when they see and hear the proof: stories from your team members most impacted by the DEI decisions your organization makes.

Stories Inc.’s seasoned content strategists and project managers show you how we do it. Inside this workshop, Brettany Payne and Anna Lippe show you how to uncover compelling DEI stories from employees.

Using four of our best practices and tips, they show you how to communicate your commitment and progress towards creating an inclusive and diverse workplace. Plus, they provide bonus content on how to show inclusion in global companies.

Additionally, you’ll learn how to connect stories to your brand messaging, values and purpose. In fact, Brettany and Anna walk you through real examples from leading and progressive companies.


  • Brettany Payne, DEI Content Strategist and Project Manager at Stories Incorporated 
  • Anna Lippe, Senior Content Strategist and Project Manager at Stories Incorporated 

Get Stories Inc.’s TA Week DEI Presentation On-Demand: How Leading Brands Use Employee Stories to Communicate Their DEI Progress & Strategy

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