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EBOOK: Using Stories and Storytelling for Recruiting and Employer Branding

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We teamed up with our friends at kununu recently and put our collective heads together to create an ebook for anyone looking to go beyond the basic careers page and take their employer branding and recruiting to the next level. What we created was the ebook How to Use Storytelling for Your Recruiting and Employer Branding. 

Recap of Storytelling for Recruiting and Employer Branding:

Traditionally, company careers pages and review sites were just that; a page full of career opportunities within the company, maybe a stock photo or two to liven things up. But in today’s job market where candidates are looking to know more about the company, the culture, and how they might fit in, stock photos don’t do a company culture justice.

Every company has a story and an employee experience; and candidates want to to learn as much about you as possible before deciding they want to apply.

So, why aren’t companies and recruiters using stories as a means to create more insightful and thoughtful content for employer branding and recruiting?

69% of job hunters consider company culture as critical when considering a job and aside from physically experiencing a workplace as an employee, real images and video content is the next closest thing for getting a true feel of a company’s culture.

If you’re ready to start using stories and employee storytelling for recruiting and employer branding, consider these three questions to get started:

  1. Who are the types of people you want more of in your company?
  2. Who in your company has really interesting stories to tell that highlight what’s unique about working at your company?
  3. If you had 1 minute to capture job candidates’ attention through stories, image and video, what would you want them to see?

Then go ahead and download our full ebook to get insights into how our clients are utilizing their employee stories across their employer branding content and successfully implementing stories into different aspects of the recruiting and candidate journey.

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Want to learn more about kununu and how you can work with both Stories Inc. and the kununu team to vastly improve your recruiting and employer branding? Check out more information here!