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EBOOK: Ultimate Guide to Creating Content for Candidates

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Candidates are looking at your website, your careers page and your social media profiles with curious eyes. They are searching for as much insight as they can find on the company and what it’s like to work there and on average, they visit your site anywhere from 2-18 times before they decide to apply.

While the candidates are trying to stand out for you, you should try to stand out for them. So, why are you still using generic company statements and stock photos? Create your content with the candidate in mind and meet them at every one of those 2-18 points along the way with content that will speak directly to them.

We gathered everything we know on the subject and created the Ultimate Guide to Creating Content for the Candidate. 

Download the eBook here!

What You Can Expect from our eBook

Our comprehensive ebook is chock-full of tricks, tips, and examples of great storytelling for candidates, but here is the quick rundown of what you can expect!

  1. Sharing our tactics to get great stories from your employees, even including a framework of questions that we ask to help gather impactful stories.
  2. Creating personalized content that speaks to specific candidates.
  3. Developing employer branding content that communicates core values, purpose, and diversity.

If you want candidates to remember you and picture themselves working with you, gear your content towards the candidates, otherwise they’re left with lingering questions or confusion. It’s important to showcase valuable, quality content on your careers site for the best candidate experience.  We assembled everything you need to know to get started telling your story in this comprehensive eBook.