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Compilation videos communicate diversity and inclusion

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Download Stories Inc.’s guide to compilation videos that communicate diversity and inclusion.

Company culture videos that weave together multiple employee voices are a versatile video style. They can be personalized for teams and talent groups. And, they can illustrate values shared throughout the company. Obviously, videos featuring several storytellers can communicate universal culture better than stories with just one voice.

Most importantly, compilation videos communicate diversity and inclusion. They show how your company is including underrepresented groups at work. They amplify diverse voices.

Diversity and inclusion can’t be communicated in just one company video

Of course, videos that directly address diversity at an organization are essential. But, real inclusion isn’t communicated in just one page on your website, or a single video. Compilation videos show, again and again, the many perspectives on your team. And, they provide consistent proof of a diverse culture.

We’ve created hundreds of these videos, and we’re excited to share our tips with you!

Diverse voices

When you show culture from multiple, varied perspectives, you communicate diversity and inclusion. And, you provide proof that your employees share a sense of belonging.

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Get our guide to compilation videos that communicate diversity and inclusion