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GUIDE: Compilation videos communicate diversity and inclusion

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Stories Inc.’s new downloadable guide to how compilation videos communicate diversity and inclusion.

Company culture videos that weave together multiple employee perspectives are a versatile video style that can be personalized for your teams, talent groups, or illustrate universal company values and themes. They are also a great way to show exactly how your company is including underrepresented groups at work.

In addition to videos that directly address diversity at an organization, a compilation video can show a team and an overview of culture. Stories Inc. has created hundreds of such compilation videos, and we are happy to share our insights with you.

Theme videos strategically weave together employee stories around a specific company culture topic. This versatile video style can be personalized to specific teams and talent groups, or illustrate company values and themes experienced universally. When you show culture from multiple, varied perspectives, that compilation of stories communicates diversity and inclusion, and proves the belonging felt by employees.

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