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Employee Onboarding Program Content

Research shows that organizations with onboarding programs experience 62% more new hire productivity and 50% better new hire retention. We believe those numbers can be further improved when you include content featuring employee stories in your onboarding program.

Employee stories in the onboarding process help connect new hires to the company’s purpose, mission, and core values

Your onboarding program is a powerful opportunity to connect your new hire to the organization’s purpose, mission and core values. The company’s purpose, mission and values probably resonated with the new hire during their candidate experience, and – now that they’ve joined company and their excitement level is very high – the onboarding process is the time to double-down on strengthening that connection.

Purpose, mission, and values can be lofty concepts, so it’s important to bring those concepts down to earth in the onboarding process. Employee stories provide real insight to help new hires understand what it means to live the purpose, mission, and values in a tangible way.

Employee stories in the onboarding process show new hires how to contribute to the culture

Your organization’s culture is an evolving thing, with every individual’s actions and decisions shaping that culture. The onboarding process is a crucial time to show the new hire what it means to contribute positively to that culture. The new hire will be bringing their own background and past experiences, and the company’s culture can benefit from those new perspectives.

Use employee stories to show the new hire how others have made their own contributions to the company’s culture.

Employee stories help explain company policies and benefits in the onboarding process

The onboarding process is often the time to introduce new hires to company policies and benefits. But many onboarding programs fail to make it clear why certain policies are in place or how to take advantage of some benefits. Employee stories are the best way to illustrate those policies and benefits, because employees have been in the shoes of the new hire. They have experience with the policies and have taken advantage of the benefits.

Employee stories bring those policies and benefits to life in an approachable way.

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