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Customer Testimonial Videos

The human brain is wired to love stories. While we’re listening to a story, we imagine ourselves in the shoes of the people involved, and we feel the emotions that they would have felt. Because stories trigger more emotion than other types of information, we retain the information in stories much better. Your client testimonial videos are the perfect opportunity to harness the power of stories.

Client Testimonial videos resonate with potential clients

Just as potential candidates prefer to hear from your employees instead of from the company directly, potential new clients want to hear from past clients. What did the vendor specifically do to make the client’s organization more successful? What particular services or differentiators set them apart from competing vendors?

What aspects of your company culture result in direct performance for the client?

Clients have stories, too

Using our organic interview process, the Stories team works with your past and current clients to capture specific examples of impact, stories of how your company’s performance created real value. Potential clients trust client testimonials to be honest portrayals of what they can expect their experience with the company to be.

True to our methodology, we believe stories to be the most authentic proof of what it truly means to work for, and with, a company. Potential employees want to hear stories from current and past employees, and potential clients want to hear stories from current and past clients.

Want to attract new clients using client testimonial videos?