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Content for Employee Recognition Programs

Rewards and recognition programs are a great way to engage employees. But by including employee story content in your recognition program, you’re doing much more than keeping the recognized individuals engaged—you’re reinforcing the entire culture in the process.

Employee story content gives legitimacy to an employee recognition program.

For an employee recognition program to be taken seriously by all employees, it needs to be obvious that the recipients of the recognition actually deserved to be rewarded. The story of what a recipient did to deserve an award provides that justification. Share pieces of content that tell those stories when you’re recognizing a team member.

With a story serving as proof that a piece of recognition was well-deserved, colleagues will know that the recognition process is legitimate.

Employee stories in a recognition program show others what it means to be successful.

In addition to proving the legitimacy of an employee recognition program, employee stories also show colleagues exactly the types of actions and behaviors that make someone successful at the company.

For example, most companies have core values, but it’s not always clear to everyone what it means to embody a particular core value. So some companies recognize employees who embody one or multiple core values. By sharing content with stories of the recognized employee living the core values, you make it clear to everyone else what it looks like to embody the values.

A recognition program that includes employee stories helps reinforce the culture.

By including employee stories in a recognition program, you’re able to inspire similar actions among the rest of the team. And because the collective actions of everyone in the company ultimately shape the company’s culture, impactful stories help reinforce the culture.

Employee recognition story content can and should be shared externally, to show candidates what it means to be successful within the company. Once they’ve come on board, their actions will earn them recognition from the company and inspire new stories that will spur positive action from others—ultimately reinforcing the culture further.

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