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Tag: Video Job Descriptions

Content you need on your career site

Reading Time: 8 minutes The best career sites give candidates what they want: insight into the employee experience and workplace culture. To create an engaging and insightful candidate experience, you need exciting, real, right-now content about your employee experience. So, what is the best content for your career site? 

employer branding videos long-form

Long-Form Video is Vital

Reading Time: 4 minutes Employer branding videos that are long-form and feature compelling content expertly engage audiences. There’s a lot of buzz about 15 second videos in the age of TikTok. And, all lengths of video content show increased engagement and views year over year.  But long-form video —

improve candidate experience with hiring manager videos

Improve candidate experience with hiring manager videos 

Reading Time: 5 minutes Give culture clarity and improve candidate experience with hiring manager videos.  Top candidates may be scrolling past your job descriptions. They’re not applying because your content doesn’t provide them with real insight. You need to show them what it’s like to work at your company. 

5 tips to create video content from remote employees

Reading Time: 5 minutes Yes, you can create video content from remote employees that is high-quality, visually compelling and tells great employee stories. Employee stories provide the best culture content and give the clearest insight into what it’s really like to work at your company. However, when you and

How creating employee story content has changed in 2020

Reading Time: 6 minutes In January this year, we wrote an article that was very thoughtful about the top recruitment marketing opportunities for 2020. Looking back, it might as well have been written in January 1995, considering what has followed. But, we weren’t all wrong. In fact, some of the

Virtual Story Sessions capture your employees’ stories from any location

Reading Time: 4 minutes Stories Inc. launches Virtual Story Sessions, our new service that captures remote employee video content. Capture your employees’ stories in high-definition video and audio, and receive an array of content reflecting virtual workplace cultures and diverse employee experiences. Stories Inc. specializes in capturing distinct workplace

employee as employer brand ambassador

How to turn team members into employer brand ambassadors

Reading Time: 6 minutes Employee advocacy is a powerful way to distribute your employer branding and recruitment marketing messaging. And, team members want to be employer brand ambassadors! So, kickstart your employee advocacy program by creating content your team members will want to share with their networks. When you