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WEBINAR ON-DEMAND: How Lockheed Martin Activated Their Employee Value Proposition (EVP) With Stories

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Access our on-demand EVP webinar: Activate Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) with Stories.

You can successfully activate your EVP—both internally and externally. The key is to capture employee stories that bring your EVP to life. Lockheed Martin recently activated all five pillars of its EVP through stories, with the help of Stories Incorporated. 

Leaders from these organizations walk you through the process of expertly building and launching an EVP. From how Lockheed Martin crafted, validated and engaged teams across the business, to how Stories Inc. partnered with them to uncover and tell the stories that energize it for talent audiences.   

During this panel webinar, you’ll learn: 

  • The process for crafting an EVP that is truly owned across your business 
  • How to activate your EVP with stories
  • Steps for launching your EVP internally and externally 
  • Keys to building employee excitement around the EVP


  • Charlotte Jones, Marketing Leader at Lockheed Martin
  • Anna Lippe, Content Strategist and Project Manager at Stories Incorporated 
  • Jill Shabelman, Partner and Director of Client Service at Stories Incorporated 

ON-DEMAND EVP WEBINAR: Activate Your EVP with Stories

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