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Diversity Videos

What are Diversity Videos?

Diversity shapes our world and our workplaces. It shouldn’t just be a check box on a form to say you’re compliant. The best organizations rely on the different backgrounds of their people to innovate, and diversity videos are a great way to attract the best talent that will propel the company going forward.

From diversity in backgrounds and ethnicities to diversity in thought, skills and practices, what makes each of us different and unique deserves to be celebrated. That celebration comes to life for those both outside and within your organization when you take the time to cultivate and share the stories that best illustrate how you are both inclusive and diverse.

What makes our diversity videos different?


People remember stories better than any other types of information they consume. It’s why some stories have lasted millennia in our civilization. Weaving stories into your diversity video will make it engaging and memorable.


Companies are notorious for making shallow claims about the amount of diversity at a company. Using authentic stories in your diversity video provides the proof that you are who you say you are.


Diversity videos that rely on stories are inherently substantive. Stories have many layers, and so even a short story can have deep messages and implications about what it’s truly like to work somewhere.

Diversity Video Features

  • Beautiful HD Video
  • Professional Lighting
  • High-Quality Audio
  • Post-Production
  • Graphics
  • Music

Get started telling your story.