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Organizational Storytelling Case Study: Dell Technologies

This organizational storytelling case study is an excerpt from our download, The Complete Guide to Organizational Storytelling.

Dell Technologies understands the power of organizational storytelling. Stories Incorporated and Dell Technologies have worked together since 2016 to uncover compelling employee stories, organize and theme thousands of employee experiences, and create media that has engaged a variety of audiences. 

For example, in one year, the Stories Inc. team interviewed 67 employees and uncovered hundreds of stories that ultimately illustrated Dell Technologies’ employee experience, culture and values globally.


content library expansion

Regardless of where in the world someone worked, there were consistencies in the storytellers’ experiences. Themes emerged around flexibility, DEI, innovation, social impact, and more. Gathering important stories from all over the world, across offices, races, ages, tenures, and positions, allowed Dell Technologies and Stories Inc. to “zoom out” and see the big picture.

From these stories, we created 33 videos for their content library. Each video was captioned in multiple languages and optimized per distribution channel. We also added thousands of professional photographs of storytellers across positions, backgrounds, and levels of seniority. We also added photos of teams in action, office environments and photos that tell the story of regional offices’ unique cultures. Dell uses these assets in annual reports, on their careers site, YouTube channels, in digital and print ads, and more. Further, the content library is searchable by topic, location, language, talent category, target audience, content channel, and more.

stories at scale for Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies’ stakeholders worldwide actively use the content library to communicate culture. The result: cohesive and compelling organizational storytelling for one of the world’s most well-known and admired companies. 

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