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This AstraZeneca case study details how Stories Inc. helped brand a team by creating team recruitment marketing content.

AstraZeneca Case Study

AstraZeneca is a global biopharmaceutical company that makes medicines for some of the world’s most serious diseases. They develop, manufacture and sell pharmaceutical and biotechnology products. These products treat disorders affecting oncology, respiration, neuroscience, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal health.

Team branding and team recruitment marketing content for the Biopharmaceutical Division

AstraZeneca’s Biopharmaceutical Division (BPD) were not getting enough of the right candidates in their talent pipeline. Because of the tight labor market for their type of scientists, they needed to differentiate themselves by showing candidates why they’d want to work on their team. This team was highly enthusiastic about marketing the BPD experience and sharing their stories with candidates, even going so far as to photoshop themselves onto a landing page! Their employer branding leader knew this team was perfect to feature in a recruitment marketing campaign. So, they reached out to Stories Inc. for team branding and recruitment marketing content featuring the BPD.

Enter Stories Inc.

In order to communicate the BPD team culture to candidates, Stories Inc. helped define the team value proposition (TVP), and captured team member stories supporting the TVP. Using the Stories Inc. methodology, we uncovered engaging and compelling stories at the BPD experience. Then, Stories Inc. used those stories to produce content that would resonate with candidates and increase applications.

Our day on-site

Stories Inc. spent one day on-site with the BPD team. We captured stories from several BPD scientist team members who are thriving at work. Additionally, we filmed b-roll and took professional photos.

Team value proposition

We captured stories of collaboration, passion for science, camaraderie, and diversity on the BPD team. These stories also tie to AstraZeneca’s larger culture. Then, we used these stories to create a full suite of recruitment marketing assets. The content library we delivered included:

  • overview video of team experience
  • individual employee story videos
  • photo library of team members interacting and working
  • headshots, portraits and candids of team members
  • social graphics with quotes from team members

Here’s a video of one of the scientist storytellers.

AstraZeneca and BPD team support

The BPD storytellers understood how important sharing their experiences would be to more effectively recrui new team members. Because they knew how important their stories were, they even submitted questions they wanted us to ask them on camera! Although asking questions that get great stories that define and market culture is our expertise, we were so excited to include their contributions to our process. We take the storyteller experience very seriously, and showing them how much we valued their contributions made for better storytelling once we met in person.

Here’s a video we created showcasing the BPD team experience.

Employee brand and team ambassadors

After Stories Inc. delivered the content, we learned that the BPD team members were so excited about their new branding and messaging that they created business cards with their team landing page on them. Then, they handed out the cards at a conference full of their peers. We are always immensely proud when employee storytellers become enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

Team storytelling serves candidates, current employees and overall culture

The goal of a team storytelling project is to give candidates a clear picture of what it’s like to work on a specific team. Capturing the excitement from the team will result in content that connects with candidates. By teaching the team the basics of recruitment marketing, and honoring their feedback, your content will accurately depict the team experience. The storytelling process also strengthens the connection of current employees’ to their team and the organization as a whole, reinforcing the employer brand.

Are you interested in creating content around your team or company? The Stories Inc. team is here to help. Contact us, or book time on our calendar for a meeting.