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Interactive Employee Handbook

90% of employees decide within the first 6 months of joining a company whether they’ll stay long-term.

That statistic means you need to make the most of every touch point you have with your new hire — including your employee handbook. Most organizations would admit that their employee handbook is uninviting and uninspiring. Make consuming your employee handbook an engaging, enjoyable experience — make it an interactive employee handbook. Use videos and interactive features to illustrate organizational policies and the stories behind them. Employees that understand company policies become happier and more productive team members.

How are interactive employee handbook different?

We rely on a proven methodology to make your employee handbook an engaging experience. Our interactive employee handbooks are:


Stories have the power to turn what’s typically seen as being dry employee handbook information into an engaging experience. The reason? Human brains are wired to activate much more when consuming stories than other types of information. We use stories to add color and context to company policies, and resulting in increased engagement and brain retention.


Using stories in an Interactive Employee Handbook explains your organization’s policies, which establishes authenticity. At times, certain policies can feel – well – pointless to your colleagues, but using a story to show why a particular policy is in place gives it a strong foundation.


Most employee handbooks mention core values, mission, and vision. But when those crucial concepts are given only a couple sentences each and buried amongst legalese, they don’t have the bite they deserve. Stories give substance to why your organization exists (mission and purpose), who you are as a team (values), and where you plan on going (vision).

Interactive employee handbook features

  • Custom Web Development
  • Beautiful HD Video Production
  • Graphic and UX Design
  • Analytics
  • Interactivity