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Tackling recruitment challenges: CVS Health case study

Stories Inc. creates recruitment marketing content based on employee stories.

Explore our work with CVS Health.

The challenge:

A complex Fortune 7 company, CVS Health wanted to highlight the unique experience of specific business areas and teams within the organization.

What we did:

Step 1: Improve candidate quality for a team with a unique value proposition with six videos demonstrating mission and humanizing their team members. Meet Will Cavers in this clip below:

Step 2: Ramp up hiring efforts at an expanding finance center with two videos featuring the career growth available to new hires, such as this clip on training:

Step 3: Communicate the impact of the Merchandising team with four videos connecting purpose to the everyday. Hear Maryalyce, whose father is a smoker, explore how she felt the day CVS exited tobacco:

Step 4: Tackle the next recruiting challenge as it comes! Unique by nature, stories are the differentiators. We’ll be there to uncover them, whatever that challenge may be.

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The 14 videos were shared across CVS Health’s social channels, with more than 35,700 views and counting on YouTube.

Interested in learning more about tackling specific hiring areas?