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Content Creation for Learning and Development

The best workplaces develop people personally and professionally, growing leaders from within the organization. In order for culture to scale, future leaders need to live the organization’s core values and connect deeply with its purpose. We’ve found that infusing stories into learning programs and leadership development programs makes those programs much more powerful. Let us supercharge your learning and development programs with storytelling.

What we bring to a Learning and
Development Program

A story-based Learning and Development program goes way beyond the typical organizational development program. When you partner with Stories Inc for learning and development content creation, you can expect that it will be:


Our focus on storytelling makes learning and development content incredibly engaging. The reason? Human brains are wired to activate much more when consuming stories than other types of content. The result is increased engagement and retention of the information by your future leaders.


Using stories in learning and development content helps to establish authenticity. In personal and professional development programs, authenticity is vital; your future leaders need to know that their growth and development is truly important to the organization. If you’re not being authentic in leadership development programs, future leaders can see through it.


With your learning and development program, just like any other people communications, you have an opportunity to create a connection between the individual and the purpose and values of the organization. Our focus on substantive stories — stories that embody purpose, values, and vision — helps to achieve that connection.


  • Beautiful HD Video
  • Interactive Stories
  • Custom Illustration
  • User Experience Design
  • Custom Web Development