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Content Creation for Learning and Development

You may have heard that humans are 22 times more likely to remember information when it’s wrapped in a story. Knowing that our brains are wired for stories, are your learning and development programs designed accordingly?

Employee stories make learning and development programs more effective

It’s easier for us to process information when there’s a cause-and-effect scenario, and stories tend to have that structure. Stories also inspire emotional responses. When consuming a story, we tend to put ourselves in the shoes of the storyteller, making the story feel personal and, thus, more memorable.

Include leadership stories in your leadership development program

Your current leaders have powerful stories from their years of experience. Perhaps they had a mentor early on that showed them what it means to be a great leader. Or maybe they went through a challenging time that helped forge the leadership skills that they have today.

Include their stories in your leadership development programs and the leadership lessons will be more likely to stick for your next generation of leaders.

Feature employee stories in your learning and training programs

Likewise, in your learning and training program, stories will make the subject matter more memorable for team members learning new skills. Tap the expertise of current employees, and use their stories as case studies to help reinforce the lessons for those developing their skills.

In addition to improving the retention of the material in your development programs, stories can also generate interest in the learning opportunities available at your organization. Share stories from employees that show how participating in the L&D program helped grow their career.

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