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Stories Inc. does two things very well: first, we find the stories that best communicate culture and your true employee experience.

Then, we create tons of compelling content for all your social channels, careers sites, review sites, career fairs — anywhere candidates are searching for insight into what it’s like to work with you!

Our initial pricing is based on two variables:

  • How many days we will spend gathering stories,
  • And how much content you’d like to create to communicate culture broadly (what does this value mean at our organization?), or specifically (what is it like to be a woman engineer in the California office?).

How many days do I need?

Things to consider when selecting the number of days you should spend gathering employee stories:

Show the insider view: What physical environments should your candidates see?

Best value: Where can you capture the greatest variety of storytellers that will represent your major functional areas and targeted personas?

Troubleshoot: Where in your company are you having specific recruiting challenges?

Balanced view:  You want to be inclusive and realistic. What sites best represent the types of people who work at your organization?

Show the insider view:

Large gym chain:

½ day in the corporate office, ½ day at a fitness facility

Best value:

Security company:

1 day onsite to interview cofounders, security engineers, customer support reps and salespeople


Best-in-class consultancy:

1.5 days at two locations to bring to life what it’s like to work in a specific business unit

Balanced view:

Government Contractor:  

2 days at 3 different locations in 3 different states, that featured 3 different business units

How much and what type of content do you need?

This varies per client, and we are happy to help you scope through projects. Here are some questions you should ask yourself:

  • Which social channels currently perform the best?
  • Which social channels do you want to build a following?
  • Do you need a career site content overhaul?
  • What teams would benefit from content specific to their culture?
  • Do candidates know what makes you a unique place to work?
  • EVP, values, and other strategic statements: do you have employee stories to support and bring them to life?  
  • Is there content available for questions candidates typically ask related to culture and employee experience?

Contact us today and we can put together a scaled and specific story content plan that best engages candidates, increases quality of hire and builds your talent networks!