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In Vivid Color: How Real Employee Photography Reveals Your Employer Brand

Stories Inc. and exaqueo teamed up to share insights into how real employee photos bring an employer brand to life, and how to plan and activate an employee photography project.

Thank you for signing up for the employee photography webinar. Here it is, on-demand!

Video presentation:

Here’s a PDF of the speakers’ presentation slides.

Infographic of the 9 steps shared:

Other resources referenced during the presentation:

*NEW * Lookbook: Employee Photography That Communicates the Employee Experience in 2022

Dell Technologies + Stories Inc.’s Global, Local and Universal Culture Project

Dell Technologies + Stories Inc.’s Women in Tech, Veterans, Interns and Early Careers Culture Projects

Danone, exaqueo + Stories Inc. Employee + Workspace Culture Project

Stories Inc.’s COVID-cautionary recommendations for safety on set during shoots (developed during peak pandemic)


  • Anna Lippe, Sr. Content Strategist & Project Manager, Stories Incorporated
  • Jessica McFadden, Head of Marketing, Stories Incorporated
  • Christine Temple Gaspar, Chief Consulting Officer, exaqueo
  • Shannon Smedstad, Engagement Director & Sr. Employer Brand Strategist, exaqueo

Special thanks to exaqueo for collaboration on the webinar and in our work together bringing employer brands to life!