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Stories Incorporated’s Vrbo case study: The employer branding company helped bring to life Vrbo’s culture of frequent boomerang employees!

Lebron James is the ultimate boomerang employee. He left the Cleveland Cavaliers, continued advancing in his career at the Miami Heat, and later returned to Cleveland an improved player, thanks to his new experiences and skills.

However, some companies don’t celebrate the Lebron model. Instead, they have mixed feelings when top talent leaves for another job.  Some companies choose not to rehire those that leave.

But, many organizations appreciate the contributions from past employees and welcome them back with open arms. Vrbo is one of them! 

Vrbo (formerly HomeAway) has the bigger picture in mind when it comes to contribution, talent and service. They recognize that a lot of factors contribute to career decisions, and they don’t hold any of them against their departing employees. Vrbo has made it a practice to rehire talent to their team.

When Vrbo asked Stories Incorporated to help capture the stories of those who left their company, we were delighted to assist. The stories these boomerang employees shared were diverse. Individually, each had a different perspective on why they left and then returned. However, every story shared showed Vrbo’s real culture positively. Their stories now bring culture clarity to current employees and candidates alike. 

The result is a video that celebrates those employees who needed to do something outside of the organization, but returned with open arms.

Vrbo not only says, “Welcome back” they say “Welcome home!”