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Superformula Case Study | Communicate Culture as a Small Company

As Superformula crossed the 50 employee mark, company leaders knew that they needed to find a way to communicate culture to candidates at scale. Learn how the small company partnered with Stories Inc. to create an effective culture content library. 

Superformula is a modern digital product studio. Since being founded in 2010, the growing company has partnered with some of the top brands in the world to solve experience, design, and engineering challenges. The root of their success has always been their team. 100% remote from day one, Superformula has sought out top technical, product, and design talent around the world to drive their creative digital solutions. 

The Challenge: Maintaining a High Talent Bar in a Growing Company

Like many startups, Superformula has grown very intentionally, person-by-person over the years. Always focused on their values and distinct culture, founders and senior leaders were very involved in each hire to ensure they would align with the company values and mission. 

But also like many startups, there comes a point in time where leaders can’t be the face of all hiring. As Superformula crossed the 50 employee mark, company leaders knew that they needed to find a way to communicate their creative and innovative culture to aspiring candidates at scale. They needed to attract the candidate truly passionate about raising the bar for clients, and help those looking for “just a job” opt out of the process. 

Enter Stories Inc.

The Solution: A Values-Driven Employee Storytelling Content Library

Knowing that most of their candidates were learning about the small company for the first time, Superformula determined early on that the content would focus on core values and the universal employee experience. And because their amazing team has always been the root of their success, taking an employee story approach to culture content was a no-brainer. 

Superformula had three main cultural themes they wanted to come across in the content: 

  1. Passion for the Craft. Building a team that is passionate for design, engineering, and technology has been fundamental to Superformula’s success and will continue to be the north star as they grow. 
  2. People-First Culture. Team members really care about each other. And, Superformula’s remote-first culture empowers employees to find a work/life balance that works for them.
  3. Taking Ownership. Challenging projects, and being embedded with their client teams, give team members ample opportunity to develop their skills and grow professionally.

To support these themes with employee stories, Stories Inc. planned to interview six Superformula team members that represented the company’s major skill areas: engineering, product, and design. The interviews would be conducted using Virtual Story Sessions to stay true to the company’s remote work culture.

A Digital Content Library to Communicate Culture

Superformula’s expectations came to fruition: during the interviews, Stories Inc. uncovered dozens of stories that matched these exact themes. The Stories team then got to work creating four videos and four blog posts that communicate culture. 

2 Compilation (Multiple Storyteller) Videos 

Life at Superformula

The Superformula team works together to passionately solve problems that matter, and having fun along the way. 

Passion for the Craft

Superformula’s culture is what it is because of every team member’s love for design, engineering and technology.

2 Standalone (Single Storyteller) Videos

Remote Experience

Product Manager Andrea Chaves grew up in Costa Rica and currently lives in the United States. Superformula’s 100% remote culture, and the trust they put in their employees to get their work done, allows her the freedom to spend time with her family in Costa Rica and live the life she wants to live while still building a rewarding career.

Taking Ownership

Technical Lead Jeff Scaturro has been given opportunities to prove himself in ways that he doesn’t think he would have been given elsewhere. With leadership’s encouragement, Jeff has felt empowered to step up and take ownership of client projects.

4 Articles for the We Are Superformula Blog 

In addition to the video content, Stories Inc. created blog posts to highlight employee stories across a different medium. 

From Ideation to Delivery: Pushing the Boundaries of Expectations and Technology

A Team Driven by Values: What You Can Expect When Joining Superformula

In Sync: Why True Partnerships are the Fuel for Modernizing Technology

Opportunities: How Superformula Team Members Step Up

Activating the Employer Brand Content

No stranger to digital solutions, the Superformula team wasted no time putting the videos and blog posts to use. They primarily used the content on their refreshed career site and on the Superformula LinkedIn channel. Now, career site visitors are immediately greeted by the Life at Superformula video. And as they further explore the culture and values, they are met by the videos and blog posts bringing each culture pillar to life. 


From just six virtual story sessions, Superformula was able to create a library of videos and blogs that communicate culture to candidates. As the company continues to grow, the content will be used to attract the right talent to Superformula, help candidates opt in and out of the process, and continue driving innovative digital solutions.