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The Scenario: What Resolvit Needed

  • Consistent communication across departments
  • A lower turnover rate

Resolvit is a mid-size international consulting company with some big-name clients. Unifying the salespeople (those who sell Resolvit’s consulting services to clients), recruiters (those who hire consultants to work for Resolvit), and consultants (who work for Resolvit with clients on ever-changing projects) was a challenge — and turnover was becoming a serious issue. Onboarding new employees especially was a concern.

Our Solution: What We Created

  • Interactive onboarding tool
  • Clickable timelines, videos, and audio

We created an interactive onboarding tool to be used by all parties: salespeople, recruiters, and consultants. Using an interactive timeline, videos with employee stories, and audio and visuals from all offices, we told the story of Resolvit’s entrepreneurial roots, growth, and successes. We emphasized Resolvit’s commitment to human relationships with employees, consultants, and clients.

Internal Communication — Resolvit rolled out the onboarding tool to all existing employees, who found it extremely beneficial.

Engage Select Employees — Millennials found it particularly powerful.

Preserve Culture/Stories — As Resolvit grows, they won’t lose sight of their founding origins and purpose.

Communicate Consistently Across Distributed Offices — As an international company, delivering a unified message is crucial.

Onboarding — New hires are directed to watch the videos. Employees who know the story of their organization are more likely to feel part of something bigger.