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Gabe Krajicek, CEO of Kasasa, visited the president of a community bank in a small town in Texas. “The banker was about 30 minutes late for the meeting,” Gabe recalled. “I went over to his office, and I could see through the glass window that there were receipts all over his desk. There was this obviously not-very-affluent person sitting across from him.”

After 45 minutes, the community banker came out to greet Gabe and apologized for the delay. “No problem,” Gabe replied. “I don’t mind that you were late; I was just curious—who was that you were talking to?”

The community banker explained that the woman had overdrawn her account about two months prior. Every single week since, she would bring in all her receipts and bills, and the community banker—the president of the bank!—would tell her what she’d have to spend and save to get back on solid footing financially.

Stories Inc. created a series of videos that use storytelling to help Kasasa communicate its employer brand and scale its culture by attracting the right talent.

Gabe’s story was a great example of why Kasasa is on a mission “to enable a powerful network of community financial institutions to re-establish themselves as the go-to-place for banking products and services.” Nathan Baumeister, Chief Patch Officer of Kasasa, recognized that team members have many more true stories, like Gabe’s, that would help explain the company’s pursuit of its mission, illustrate how team members live the core values, and show what it’s like to work at Kasasa.

Nathan knew that these stories would go a long way in reinforcing Kasasa’s employer brand—both to existing team members and to candidates—and would help preserve Kasasa’s culture as it grows. So he engaged Stories Inc. to help uncover these stories and deliver them in an engaging, shareable medium.

Stories Inc. spent a day and a half onsite at Kasasa’s headquarters in Austin, Texas, where we interviewed 16 people from all parts of the company. Drawing on the stories we uncovered during the interviews, we post-produced a series of 10 employer branding videos that focus on Kasasa’s mission, core values, culture, and history.

Nathan premiered the videos to team members at the company’s annual meeting. People were moved, tears were shed.

From there, Nathan uploaded the video series as a playlist on YouTube and created a content calendar to schedule how he would release the videos through Kasasa’s social media channels. Over the next several weeks, Kasasa shared the videos one-by-one through its LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Distributing the videos in social recruiting channels was a great way to get them in front of passive candidates in Kasasa’s talent community, but there was also a lot of value getting the videos in front of active candidates. Nathan got the videos into the hands of recruiters, who began sharing the videos with candidates in the interview process.

The videos do a great job of showing an authentic look at what it’s like to work at Kasasa. No company is—nor should be—a good fit for everyone, so the videos help candidates self-select out of Kasasa’s application process if it’s not a good fit.

By now, you might be skeptical that there’d still be more uses for the employer branding videos, as they already had a ton of mileage already. But, sure enough, Nathan also integrated the videos into Kasasa’s onboarding curriculum to build on the energy that new hires were experiencing having just come on board.