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GoTo Case Study | Communicating Company Culture During a Corporate Rebrand  

GoTo’s talent brand team partnered with Stories Inc. to communicate company culture during a corporate rebrand. In this case study, you’ll learn how Stories’ agile approach to employee storytelling empowered GoTo to authentically share their culture and attract top talent before creating the new GoTo employer brand. 

 GoTo makes IT easy and affordable with their IT management, support and business communications software. Built for small-to-medium-sized businesses but powerful enough for the enterprise, GoTo’s portfolio powers nearly 1 million customers worldwide.  Founded in 2003, the company was formerly known as LogMeIn and rebranded to GoTo in February 2022.

The Challenge: Communicating Culture During a Corporate Rebrand 

In the year leading up to the GoTo rebrand, LogMeIn’s Global Talent Brand Manager, Crystal Diaz Conroy had her work cut out. Diaz needed to build a new employer brand – amidst an evolving company culture – while simultaneously accomplishing the day-to-day talent brand activities required to keep the lights on.

During times of change, it can be tempting to press pause on culture content creation. But, Diaz knew better. Now more than ever, candidates and team members needed insight into the evolving GoTo culture and why it’s a great place to work.

With the new employer brand scheduled to launch several months post-rebrand, Diaz needed to take an agile approach to employee storytelling to authentically capture GoTo’s evolving culture and excite talent about the prospect of working there.

Enter Stories Inc.

The Solution: A Flexible Approach to Employee Storytelling 

As Stories Inc. and GoTo created a project plan, Diaz had two broad objectives for the six videos:

    1. Authentically communicate what it’s like to work at GoTo through employee storytelling.
    1. Highlight two key hiring areas – sales and engineering – to continue to support high-growth hiring throughout the rebrand.

These objectives were intentionally vague. With no formal employer brand (yet,) Diaz and her team relied on Stories Inc. to uncover authentic stories using its facilitated interview style. Once uncovered, the stories would inform each video’s culture topics.

Story Discovery: Six Employee Storytelling Interviews 

With these goals in mind, Stories Inc. would interview six GoTo team members in sales and engineering throughout Canada, England, Hungary, India, and the United States using Virtual Story Sessions. Representing GoTo’s global workforce was extremely important to the talent brand team to communicate the company’s international employee experience.

As expected, the interviews revealed many stories about what makes GoTo a great workplace. Repeated themes of growth, inclusion, and fantastic colleagues emerged as key culture themes, along with what makes working in sales and engineering unique at the newly branded company.

Delivered: A Digital Content Library 

From the interviews, Stories Inc. created seven videos: three “culture theme” videos highlighting different aspects of GoTo’s universal employer brand, two team feature videos highlighting the sales and engineering teams to support hiring efforts in those job categories, and two 30-second job ad videos to convert job seekers into candidates.

GoTo’s new logo and branding were designed mid-project. The Stories team seamlessly incorporated the new design elements as the GoTo team developed them, ensuring that the finalized videos aligned with the company’s new brand image.

Three Culture Theme Videos 

Discover Culture at GoTo 

In this three-minute culture compilation video, storytellers share how GoTo has maintained its “start-up” culture of flexibility, empowerment, and acting boldly.

Discover Belonging at GoTo 

In this 90-second compilation video, storytellers from the United States and India share how they have contributed to – and benefited from – various employee resource groups, and the overall inclusive culture at GoTo.

One Team Overview Video 

Discover Sales at GoTo 

In this two-minute compilation video, sales team members share how they find purpose in helping customers navigate this new digital age of work. This video gives sales candidates insight into the role, and what makes sales at GoTo different from a sales role at another organization.

Two Social Ads

Culture Ad 

The talent brand team will use this 45-second ad highlighting the authenticity of the culture at GoTo to drive traffic to more general positions throughout the company.

Engineering Ad 

The talent brand team will use this 30-second ad generating excitement about working in engineering at GoTo to drive traffic to engineering positions.

Distribution & Impact 

After a positive internal reception, the six videos were highlighted on the company’s YouTube page, and featured on their new CRM to engage with warm talent leads. Multiple candidates have mentioned the videos in interviews, which is a promising indication of the power of video to nurture and convert talent.

Most importantly, Diaz and her team have used this initial employee storytelling project as a launching pad for GoTo’s future employer brand efforts. The project helped facilitate teamwork with the corporate brand team, and has helped shape GoTo’s content strategy and communicate culture during a corporate rebrand.