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Expedia Group

In 2018, Expedia, Inc. rebranded to Expedia Group, Inc. to better represent the collection of brands that make up the organization (hello, Vrbo!). And, they had just invested in a brand new employer review site profile to pair curated employee stories in video and photos to accompany their strong employee-generated reviews. With a new channel and a new story, it was a good time to shine a light on their vibrant, global culture.

And shine, they did! Expedia Group also shared their Stories Inc. video content on LinkedIn, achieving 4x their usual click through rate.


What we did

Stories Inc. interviewed Expedia Group team members to understand what is unique about the employee experience. Inspired by these stories, we created engaging content around the Expedia Group cultural values and what it means to be a woman in tech at Expedia Group. Because employer review site profiles are designed to showcase both universal culture and job category content, we created two videos that fit each insights page. Then, we took professional photos of our employee storytellers at work and the spaces around them fill the profile with compelling images.


We also uncovered great stories that fit a universal theme of travel. We couldn’t leave them on the cutting room floor! So, we created a bonus video focused solely on travel as a differentiator for Expedia Group.


Another bonus: fantastic visual spaces made scouting locations a breeze.


A workspace at Expedia Group’s Bellevue office


Expedia Group – Culture

We used real employee stories to show Expedia Group’s Guiding Principles. Candidates can trust that the Guiding Principles are truly part of working at Expedia Group (not just corporate jargon). For reinforcement, we created motion graphics to highlight the relevant principle.

Women at Expedia Group – Technology

Our three female storytellers, Deepthi, Priyanka, and Urja spoke eloquently about their experiences as women in the traditionally male-dominated technology space. They described the support, mentorships, and opportunities they’ve received at Expedia Group. We loved Deepthi’s story so much that we made it the centerpiece of this video.

Expedia Group – Passion for Travel


Another strong theme emerged: a passion for travel.

Priyanka’s story helps candidates see themselves working at Expedia Group, and benefiting from the travel perks!

Distribution and Content Amplification for Story Shorts

Short videos are ideal to turn into ads or posts on your social channels, and they performed well (4x the click through rate!) for Expedia Group on LinkedIn.

Substantive and curated visual content adds extra insight to candidates researching Expedia Group by way of their employer review site profile, complementing the reviews from employees.


Thanks, Expedia Group, for letting us into your vibrant culture!

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