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Capital One Stories Inc. Case Study

Capital One | Stories Show Values in Action

Capital One’s stories give candidates, employees and consumers an inside look at #LifeatCapitalOne and their values in action, as shown in our case study. 

A global force in banking and finance, Capital One is today connecting with candidates not only as a financial company, but as a top technology company. They are also prioritizing Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DIB) internally and externally. Capital One is also innovating to provide a candidate journey grounded in excellence and clarity, demystifying life at Capital One.

The Capital One and Stories Inc. Partnership Overview 

Since 2019, Stories Inc. has been honored to help bring Capital One’s innovative, tech-focused and inclusive employer brand to life. Capital One’s Talent Brand and Marketing team knows the power of tapping into associate stories as a way to connect with candidates, and the team has worked to cultivate organizational and leadership buy-in in order to find compelling stories across business lines, locations and teams.

Stories Inc. has helped the Capital One team uncover these compelling associate  stories to develop content libraries of videos, photos and blogs — communications that show candidates and current associates what life at Capital One is all about.

Employee Story Projects 

Stories Inc. has partnered with Capital One to capture: : 

  • Employee photography for a variety of external and internal channels 
  • Multiple videos, including one about the company’s Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging culture for the Capital One Careers site diversity page
  • Life at Capital One blog articles, driven by associate stories 

The Employee Storyteller Experience with Stories Inc. 

At its core, the best employee story content comes from natural conversations. This is the way to get engaging and substantive stories that show culture to candidates. Our process includes group prep sessions, individual calls with employees, and scheduling interviews, once Capital One identifies the associate storytellers. Our methodology requires us to really get to know our employee storytellers, because, we really care about lifting employees up. We feel a responsibility to tell their stories in a way that makes them proud. 

Capital One Company Culture Video 

After Capital One redesigned its careers site in 2021, we partnered with them to produce a new video that brings Capital One’s tech-focused and current employer brand to life.The Capital One Talent Brand & Marketing team knew that a story-based and employee-driven methodology was critical to tying innovation to the employer brand. 

Making the Company Culture Video 

As the stories needed to be captured during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Stories Inc. team used several strategies and methods to maximize safety for all involved:

  • Filming team member stories outdoors
  • Safe Set Certification and training
  • Filming associate stories virtually from their home offices and workplaces

Five employee storytellers, representing a variety of backgrounds, roles, and departments in the company, were featured in the final video. Their personal stories and words are accented by bright, bold graphics and captions. They’re also woven together with engaging B-roll footage featuring more than 20 team members and inspiring music.

“How Capital One Associates Revolutionize Banking with Cutting-Edge Work”

The unique stories of these associates  reflect how future-focused technology shapes the Capital One experience. From the story of an engineer excited about a new credit card technology to the story of a coder enjoying (and winning!) the Capital One hackathon, the stories are personal and real.  The resulting employer brand video serves as compelling media content on Capital One’s careers site homepage. Its stories show candidates proof of how working at Capital One inspires excellence and fosters personal growth. Importantly, it communicates that Capital One is a cutting-edge, innovative company and a destination for high-quality tech candidates.

Prioritizing Inclusion 

Another key part of the website redesign included stronger and more prominent DIB messaging throughout, including a new video housed on the careers site’s Diversity and Inclusion page. 

Developing the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Video 

Once again, the team used Safe Set strategies to maximize safety during the pandemic.  Six employee storytellers, representing a variety of backgrounds, roles, and departments in the company, were featured in the video.  Their personal stories are woven together with B-roll footage, graphics and music to poignantly communicate Capital One’s strong commitment to diversity and inclusion. More than 40 real Capital One associates are also featured in the B-roll footage doing their jobs, which further enforces the wide-reaching diversity and emphasis on inclusion as explored in the stories.

“Feel Seen, Heard and Valued at Capital One”

The unique stories of the associates reflect how identity, perspective, inclusion, and purpose shape the Capital One’s employee experience. 

From the story of a gay dad who was supported in his adoption of two children while working at the company to leadership team members sharing how they’re seeking to bridge any gaps in their culture of inclusion and belonging, the stories are personal and real.

It is particularly powerful when team members and leadership speak directly to candidates considering a career at Capital One, giving personal examples of the inclusion they have experienced or diversity programs they’re working. The final video serves as compelling media content on Capital One’s diversity and inclusion page on its career site, thanks to the employee story proofs of inclusion it offers to candidates.

Employee and Employer Brand Story Photography 

Stories Inc. has been happy to serve as Capital One’s primary provider of associate, culture and environmental worksite photography for the Talent Brand team’s content needs. 

Beginning in 2020, Stories Inc. content strategists and photographers have captured team members in a variety of work environments. 

Photography Types 

  • Candids of team members 
  • Posed group shots to communicate interview & hiring process 
  • Professional headshots 
  • Featured photography of team members profiled in written stories 
  • Environmental photography of workspaces 
  • Photography of team members working from home 
  • Team member with family photography 
  • Business Resource Group (BRG) photos 
  • Posed hero photography for web design

Photography Channels 

  • Capital One career site 
  • Life at Capital One blog 
  • Capital One consumer site 
  • Capital One corporate site 
  • Editorial content: The Washington Post, People Magazine 
  • Digital banner ads for careers site 
  • Sponsored job listings
  • Glassdoor 
  • Life at Capital One social channels: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook 

The result: hundreds of professional photos, resulting in an extensive photo library all stakeholders at Capital One can use in their marketing efforts.

Life at Capital One Blog 

Since launching in October 2019, the Life at Capital One blog has grown to be one of the most dynamic and content-rich careers blogs on the web. The blog’s philosophy: Show off Life at Capital One through associate stories. 

The blog’s two main audiences are Capital One candidates and associates. All articles can be connected back to Capital One’s four Employee Value Proposition pillars: Disruptive & Impactful Work, Investment in Careers and Associate–Focused Culture, and Commitment to Doing Good. The blog posts are organized under the following categories:

  • Capital 101
  • Diversity & Inclusion 
  • Thought Leadership
  • Benefits
  • Culture
  • Career Development
  • Students & Grads
  • Tech

The blog also shares information to support candidates in everything from preparing for a case interview to how to apply for a job. Various mediums, like videos, quote graphics, and infographics, are used to bring content to life, and they create timely, relevant career site content in an authentic manner. 

Stories Inc. Supports the Life at Capital One Blog 

Stories provides support by assisting in the capturing and communicating of stories for the blog. The stories explore all aspects of life at Capital One: culture, benefits, work-life balance, diversity and inclusion programs, purpose and impact, and more employee experience topics. 

Impact Beyond Candidates 

Candidates are the first audience of the stories on the career site, social channels, blog and videos. However, they’re not the only audience responding to and utilizing the stories. 


Another audience of the stories, across channels, are current associates. Whether they consume videos and blog posts through the Capital One internal newsletters or view images of real team members they recognize, the content reinforces employer brand with employees. The content also sees increased shares by associates on their personal channels, and associates who are now volunteering to be featured to share their unique stories, perspectives, and experiences. 

Talent Acquisition 

All of the content serves to drive engagement throughout the candidate lifecycle. Importantly, the Capital One talent acquisition team is trained in how to use the content libraries of stories  in their candidate communications. 

Values in Action, Through Stories  

By prioritizing a commitment to candidate experience, employee experience, and diversity and inclusion through real employee stories, Capital One shows its values in action. Candidates, employees and consumers are now able to experience the culture of Capital One through the stories of its team members. Together, these stories provide a true vision of #LifeatCapitalOne.

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