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Author: Jill Shabelman

Why Your Employee Advocacy Program Needs Storytelling

Reading Time: 5 minutes Check out Stories Inc.’s newest course for employee advocacy program leaders and ambassadors: Building Your Confidence as an Employee Brand Ambassador. Years ago I was a recruiter in a large professional services firm. Scrolling through LinkedIn one day, I saw several of my peers posting

ABC's of Innovating

The ABC’s of Innovation

Reading Time: 9 minutes Stories Inc. is pleased to announce that Stories Inc. Partner Jill Shabelman is launching Green Room Labs, Stories’ in-house innovation lab delivering the next big trends in employer brand storytelling. In this post, Jill shares the ‘ABC’s of Innovation’ that will guide Green Room Lab

Companies living their values during COVID-19

Reading Time: 8 minutes Amidst all the uncertainty and anxiety the COVID-19 crisis has brought to our world, these companies took actions that support their corporate values. Here are companies living their values during COVID-19. How companies care for their people during a crisis is a true test. Indeed,

nursing talent resources

Nursing talent marketing content in the pandemic and beyond

Reading Time: 7 minutes COVID-19 changed the employment world for nurses and other healthcare industry team members, seemingly overnight. However, what has not changed is a critical, long-term need to attract the best nursing talent.    Nurse Appreciation Week is May 6-12, and the World Health Organization named 2020

5 ways to find and share stories during the crisis

Reading Time: 6 minutes COVID-19 is causing us to change the ways we find and share stories. Currently, all of us in employer brand and recruitment marketing are rethinking our approaches to content creation and promotion. The way we produce content is also changing. With the move to remote

Tips for companies to improve employees’ well-being

Reading Time: 5 minutes Jill Shabelman talked to health strategist and employee wellness expert Gus Turner, and he provided tips for companies to improve employees’ well-being. There is a silver lining to the challenges we’re facing as the coronavirus upends work, school, and plans. Social media feeds are exploding

Supporting the mental and emotional health of employees during a crisis

Reading Time: 6 minutes Supporting the mental and emotional health of employees during a crisis is a top priority for your company, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here are examples of organizational efforts that address the emotional, mental and physical health of employees. Our workplaces have dramatically shifted.. Employees