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Author: Jessica

how to go viral on LinkedIn

How To Go Viral On LinkedIn

Reading Time: 12 minutes This breakdown for culture communicators on how to go viral on LinkedIn is a companion to our popular piece, Tips for Trending on LinkedIn. Admit it: you’ve had LinkedIn envy. We all have. We’ve felt it when someone else perfectly puts what we wish we

trending on linkedin in 2022

Tips for trending on LinkedIn (updated for 2022)

Reading Time: 11 minutes We’ve updated this popular post with 2022 LinkedIn insights and we’ve also added a companion piece, How to Go Viral on LinkedIn. The Stories Inc. team wanted to trend on LinkedIn for our key hashtags. After research and implementing strategies, we did it! Here are

Repurposing content for social media

Reading Time: 9 minutes Candidates look to company social media channels to learn about culture. Employees are engaged when they’re invited to share their stories in social. Then, they’re inspired (and re-recruited) by social posts that reflect what’s great about working at your company. However, during hectic seasons or

best social recruiting content

Top 3 tips for social media recruiting content

Reading Time: 7 minutes Stories Inc.’s Head of Marketing shares tips from traditional marketing that give social media recruiting content an advantage. This is the second piece in our series on ways recruitment marketers pros can create exceptional content that breaks through the noise. Recruitment marketing on social media is


The Best Employer Branding Videos

Reading Time: 9 minutes The best employer branding videos, all featuring employee stories for activating employer brand and revealing real culture. Here’s your ultimate list for 2022. Employee stories are the best tools for activating your employer brand across channels and bringing your employee value proposition (EVP) to life. 


Strategies for attracting female candidates in 2022

Reading Time: 6 minutes Stories Inc. team members Christy Coluccio and Jessica McFadden outlined strategies for attracting female candidates in their LinkedIn Live. Here are the top takeaways.  The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics jobs data is deceptively optimistic for women in the workforce. The U.S. economy added 678,000


Best Employer Branding and Recruitment Marketing Blogs and Newsletters 

Reading Time: 6 minutes The best employer branding blogs and recruitment marketing newsletters provide insights and inspiration you won’t find anywhere else. They’re not super self promotional. They help culture communicators bring clarity to candidates and they provide elevated, exciting content strategies to practitioners.  Bookmark these best employer branding

Black History Month Stories

Black History Month & DEI Stories LinkedIn Live: The Top Takeaways 

Reading Time: 8 minutes How to share Black History Month stories in February, and diversity, equity and inclusion stories all year long — top takeaways from Stories Incorporated’s LinkedIn Live discussion. Is it important for companies to join the conversations happening during Black History Month?  And, how do Black

Black History Month stories

Celebrate Black History Month with stories from team members

Reading Time: 8 minutes Are your channels ready to participate in Black History Month? February is a wonderful time to honor Black history and people, especially within your company. Be a part of this national celebration and celebrate Black History Month with stories from team members. However, amplifying the

employer branding videos long-form

Long-Form Video is Vital

Reading Time: 4 minutes Employer branding videos that are long-form and feature compelling content expertly engage audiences. There’s a lot of buzz about 15 second videos in the age of TikTok. And, all lengths of video content show increased engagement and views year over year.  But long-form video —

diversity, inclusion and employer brand

Diversity, inclusion and employer brand

Reading Time: 4 minutes Prove that your that your company’s diversity, inclusion and employer brand are fully integrated through real employee stories. Candidates want to know a potential employer is wholly committed to diversity and inclusion. That doesn’t mean your organization has to have arrived at perfection — it’s

best careers blogs

Best company careers blogs (and why your career site needs one)

Reading Time: 10 minutes The best company careers blogs not only build candidate engagement and drive traffic. They also convert passive seekers into candidates, talent community subscribers, fans of your employer brand, or all of the above. Ultimately, a careers blog is a great channel to give culture clarity