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Would you rehire LeBron?

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We love working at @1776 in Crystal City. Open spaces fuel our innovation!

Does your company boomerang?

Lebron James left the Cleveland Cavaliers, continued advancing in his career at the Miami Heat, and later returned to Cleveland an improved player – even leading his team to the NBA Finals (thanks to his new experiences and skills). Most organizations, not unlike the Cleveland Cavs (and their fans) in the immediate aftermath of The Decision, take it personally when top talent leaves them. In fact, many companies do not rehire those that leave, no matter the reason. It’s as if those years of dedication and service never happened.

HomeAway, like the Cavs, has the bigger picture in mind when it comes to contribution, talent and service. They recognize that a lot of factors contribute to career decisions, and they don’t take it personally when you leave. HomeAway has made it a practice to rehire talent. Once seen as an atypical HR practice, it’s becoming more popular due to our changing attitudes about our work and the new workforce. For more insight, check out this article.

HomeAway asked us to help capture the stories of those who left their company, for a variety of reasons, and later returned. The result is this video that celebrates those teammates who needed to do something outside of the organization, but were welcomed back with open arms.

What out-of-the-norm hiring practices do you use and how do they work? Email us at [email protected].

New faces, new talent!

This month, we enthusiastically welcomed four new teammates!

  • Heather Abrams is a summer teammate on our Business Development team. A sophomore at George Washington University, she is studying finance and organizational sciences. She co-founded 17 FIRST (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) robotics teams to inspire an interest in STEM fields. Fun fact: She was once chased by wild elephants!
  • Jamie Noguchi is a Washington, D.C. illustrator and designer with a passion for visual storytelling. He enjoys solving problems with pretty pictures. He’s self published a number of comic projects and can be regularly seen on stage as a founding member of the live art competition group Super Art Fight.
  • Matt Palmer is a summer teammate on our Business Development team. He is a senior at George Washington University studying psychology and business administration. He mentors at-risk foster youth in the DC area to better life skills and behavioral tendencies, and is on GW’s Men’s Rowing team. Fun fact: Matt has been GW’s mascot, George!
  • Kaley Pomerantz is a summer teammate on our Business Development team. She’s a senior at George Washington University studying marketing. She serves as director of Internal Affairs for her business fraternity, Alpha Kappa Psi. Fun fact: Kaley studied abroad in England where she lived in an authentic Victorian Castle.

Cool things…

  1. We love this article about how to maximize internship programs (even though we prefer to call our interns summer teammates!).
  2. Our own Scott was interviewed by Thin Difference about how Stories Inc. creates a great culture.
  3. Our home, Washington, D.C., ranks as the fourth most engaged city in the United States.

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