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employees are lookiing for new jobs

Always-On Recruitment Marketing Through Stories

Reading Time: 9 minutes Employee story content is the best recruitment marketing content, period, and should be part of your always-on recruitment marketing content strategy.  Stories from team members are not a once-in-a-while project, or idea for an individual campaign. They’re not a “nice to have” within your culture

attracting elite athletes to Intel

Attracting Elite Athletes to Intel

Reading Time: 6 minutes Stories Incorporated helped capture stories and create content for attracting athletes to work at Intel. Intel is one of the world’s biggest and best innovators, often looked to as a major thought leader in business – not just semiconductors. Since 1968, Intel has been changing

company culture video vendor

Why the “company culture video” is more important than ever

Reading Time: 5 minutes New 2022 data shows that company culture content featuring employee stories is outperforming job content with candidates by a mile. Yes, your company culture video is experiencing a renaissance. Here’s why. The reliable “company culture video” is an important cornerstone of your recruitment marketing content



Reading Time: 11 minutes Innovating in the face of a pandemic and developing employee stories content virtually: the Philips case study from Stories Incorporated. Philips is a global leader in health technology. 130-years ago, the company’s first products were light bulbs, then expanded to consumer technologies. Today, Philips focuses


Dell Technologies

Reading Time: 4 minutes In our Dell Technologies case study, we share Stories Inc.’s work to capture culture reflecting the employee experience both globally and regionally. Dell Technologies is a global technology company with over 150,000 employees across 180 locations. Although Dell started with computers, it didn’t stop there.

Rapid growth sales recruitment marketing


Reading Time: 6 minutes Interactions is the world’s largest independent artificial intelligence (AI) company. Their technology enables customers to communicate easily with brands⁠—without feeling like you are talking to a machine.  Interactions’ market position in a rapidly expanding industry sent them into hyper-growth mode. As they scale, they faced