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Tag: Social Recruiting Content

The best recruitment marketing content tips and examples

Reading Time: 7 minutes We love our work. Because each one of our clients has a distinct culture, every project takes on a life and story of its own and contributes to our growth as recruitment marketers. And while every story we uncovered last year provides candidates with insight,

Repurposing Content Across Social Media for Maximum Engagement

Reading Time: 8 minutes Repurposing content to increase engagement Your job candidates are hitting anywhere from 1 to 18 places in their process of researching your team and company. More likely than not, your social media profiles are one of those places and they’re looking to get an idea

repurposing content

Repurposing Content and Making the Most of your Employee Stories

Reading Time: 7 minutes So, you’ve uncovered some great team member stories from within your organization to be used for your next employer branding campaign, now what? These stories don’t have to be ‘one and done.’ By their very nature, stories can be repurposed within different contexts. Think of