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Lockheed Martin Case Study featured image - a Lockheed Martin storyteller

Lockheed Martin Case Study

Reading Time: 4 minutes Stories Incorporated captured employee stories that activated an Employee Value Proposition and pillars — learn more in our Lockheed Martin case study. Lockheed Martin, an aerospace innovator and global defense contractor, developed a traditional Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and achieved great results. After gathering extensive


Best recruitment marketing strategies: Essential SEO tips

Reading Time: 11 minutes Stories Inc.’s Head of Marketing is a veteran of traditional marketing. She’s sharing key ways recruitment marketers and employer branding pros can create content that stands out from the pack. First up: the top tips for improving SEO and getting your content ranking in Google.  

how to recognize employees

Virtual ways to recognize employees

Reading Time: 5 minutes There are a thousand reasons to thank and publicly recognize your employees right now. As COVID-19 continues to impact our personal and professional worlds, everyone is working especially hard to keep it together while still moving forward. We can all use a reason to celebrate

get leardership on board with employer branding

Get leadership on board with employer branding

Reading Time: 5 minutes Here’s how to communicate the impact of talent branding problems, get leadership on board with employer branding, and achieve buy-in for your projects.  Your leadership needs to understand how your work in employer branding and recruitment marketing impacts the profitability and productivity of your entire

virtual employee stories or in person?

Virtual or IRL? Recruitment marketing content planning in 2021

Reading Time: 7 minutes You CAN deliver fantastic recruitment marketing in 2021. Blend virtual and in-person storytelling best practices in the year ahead. With coronavirus vaccines rolling out around the world, it feels like there’s a light at the end of the pandemic tunnel. However, despite the hope that

How creating an Employee Value Proposition builds employer branding

Reading Time: 8 minutes Creating and activating an employee value proposition (EVP) is an important part of your employer brand. Supporting your EVP and employer brand pillars with employee stories is essential to a successful brand launch. What is an Employee Value Proposition? Employee value propositions are promises to

employee as employer brand ambassador

How to turn team members into employer brand ambassadors

Reading Time: 6 minutes Employee advocacy is a powerful way to distribute your employer branding and recruitment marketing messaging. And, team members want to be employer brand ambassadors! So, kickstart your employee advocacy program by creating content your team members will want to share with their networks. When you