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best employer branding videos

The Best Employer Branding Videos

Reading Time: 8 minutes The best employer branding videos, all featuring employee stories for activating employer brand and revealing real culture. Here’s your ultimate list for 2022. Employee stories are the best tools for activating your employer brand across channels and bringing your employee value proposition (EVP) to life. 

employer branding and organizational storytelling

Organizational Storytelling for Employer Brand

Reading Time: 5 minutes This piece is an excerpt from our download, The Complete Guide to Organizational Storytelling. Organizational storytelling for employer brand is a forward-thinking strategy for showing talent audiences what it’s really like to work at a company. Employer brand specialists serve the world in hugely essential


10 Types of Employer Branding Videos Activated By Stories

Reading Time: 6 minutes The best employer branding videos build a connection between a brand, candidates and employees within mere minutes. Videos enable that bond and brand affinity to happen faster and more effectively than any other media. Since your employer brand content needs to cover a wide variety

award-winning recruitment marketing

Award-Winning Recruitment Marketing and Employer Branding Content

Reading Time: 9 minutes Stories Incorporated is proud to have developed award-winning recruitment marketing and employer branding content for some of the world’s leading brands. Of course, the stories we uncovered from employee storytellers have been the building blocks of the content that has been recognized. Without employees’ compelling

Employee Value Proposition Guide

Employee Value Proposition Guide

Reading Time: 2 minutes Download our Employee Value Proposition Guide and start activating your EVP with stories! EVP statements are useful and important guideposts to building your employer brand. Yet, EVPs and the pillars that support them often mean a lot more to the people who created it than

best employee value propositions

The best Employee Value Propositions have this in common

Reading Time: 6 minutes The best Employee Value Propositions (EVP) and cultural statements use real employee stories to validate and activate these words for their candidates and employees. This piece is an excerpt from our content guide, Activate Your Employee Value Proposition with Stories. Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) are

Best employer branding resources

Best employer branding resources of 2022 (so far)

Reading Time: 6 minutes On this blog, the Stories Inc. team strives to continuously share with our community the most up-to-date and best employer branding resources for your own content creation strategies. Although we’re just a few months in for 2022, we’ve already received record hits and downloads of

talent brand we love you

4 reasons why talent marketing is a great career choice

Reading Time: 7 minutes Culture communicators, we have had quite a crazy few years. We’ve gotten really good at pivoting, because unexpected change is our reality. Whether that’s ramping up, ramping down, and back again, you’ve had to understand and communicate organizational changes in an uncertain world. Now in


Who do people trust most? Employees.

Reading Time: 7 minutes It’s no surprise to us that the data shows that the group people trust most in 2021 is employees. The 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer and its recent special reports (namely, The Belief-Driven Employee, Trust – The New Brand Equity, and Business and Racial Justice in

leading storytelling strategies

12 Leading Storytelling Strategies for 2022

Reading Time: 16 minutes Stories Incorporated’s Stories of the Year provide actionable examples of leading storytelling strategies. 2021 was a year of building for us all (sometimes as the plane was flying).  Whether you were building culture, content, inclusivity and diversity, an employer brand, candidate channels, engagement, awareness, or