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Tag: Diversity and Inclusion Content

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Compilation videos communicate diversity and inclusion

Reading Time: 2 minutes Download Stories Inc.’s guide to compilation videos that communicate diversity and inclusion. Company culture videos that weave together multiple employee voices are a versatile video style. They can be personalized for teams and talent groups. And, they can illustrate values shared throughout the company. Obviously,

best diversity and inclusion videos

The best diversity and inclusion videos

Reading Time: 11 minutes The best diversity and inclusion videos communicate an inclusive corporate culture by sharing employee experiences. Prove that your company values diversity, inclusion, and belonging by uncovering and amplifying a variety of employee voices from throughout your company. That’s the only way to prove your actions

How creating employee story content has changed in 2020

Reading Time: 6 minutes In January this year, we wrote an article that was very thoughtful about the top recruitment marketing opportunities for 2020. Looking back, it might as well have been written in January 1995, considering what has followed. But, we weren’t all wrong. In fact, some of the

Supporting Black colleagues at work

Reading Time: 6 minutes The best workplaces create environments where employees thrive professionally and personally. World class cultures do this no matter what is happening in the world. In fact, they double down on their commitment to employees during a crisis, whether that’s a pandemic or racial violence. Just

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Hiring for culture add: building diverse and inclusive cultures

Reading Time: 7 minutes When recruiting new team members, evaluating for “culture fit” is an outdated practice because it can lead to discriminatory hiring practices. When you rely on rapport as a major hiring criteria, you’ll prefer candidates with whom you easily connect … likely because of common ground