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Impact & ROI

Increased Engagement

What you want

Higher reported job satisfaction, lower turnover, staying on website pages longer, and faster adjustment time for new hires, among others.

What we do

Because of our increased candidate flow, you are hiring out of a pool of higher quality, better-fit candidates. New team members who understand and fit into the existing culture of an organization have an easier time adjusting to the position, are more satisfied in that position, and stay longer.

Our results

We collected an anonymous sample of employees at The Motley Fool who had been employed by the company for 2 years or less. We then surveyed them about their use and familiarity with The Fool Rules interactive handbook we created. Of those who responded:


reported that The Fool Rules helped them to better understand the culture at The Motley Fool.


felt as though The Fool Rules makes new employees more productive more quickly than they otherwise would have been.

Client survey results

We asked our clients of engagement-related projects, “On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend our services to a friend based on the impact our content had on engagement at your organization?” The average response was:


Watching employees (and prospective employees) watch the videos is awesome. You can tell that they love them and they are super engaged in the content.

– Nathan Baumeister, Kasasa

We have already had candidates in the office that comment on the videos and have some solid understanding of the core values of Visionist.

– Michelle Flesher, Visionist

I have already shared the videos with several prospective employees. Each time they have come back with a determination to figure out how to get the job because they knew they loved it already.

– Nathan Baumeister, Kasasa

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