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Impact & ROI

Better Candidate Flow

What you want

Higher quality candidates. From the pool of applicants you are choosing from, there should be a higher number of candidates who fit into the existing culture of the company and goals for the future.

What we do

At Stories we create recruitment marketing content with the goal of providing an authentic look into what it means to work at a company. We do not create with the goal of attracting everyone to the company. Our work should show you exactly what it means to be in that organization and based on that information, candidates can decide for themselves if it is a culture they feel they would fit into and make a positive impact on.

What our clients say

“We were thrilled with all aspects of our interaction with Stories, Inc. The people are easy to work with, very creative, elicited compelling stories from our employees, and produced videos that significantly improved our branding and recruiting.

Since posting the videos on our company website in September 2015, we have increased our staff by 32% from 68 to 90 employees. The videos generated more qualified candidates than we had in the past and helped candidates better understand our corporate culture, which made it easier from them to decided to become Visionist employees.”

–Chris Berry, Visionist

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