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Impact & ROI

Greater Candidate Flow

What you want

More candidate-driven action. This means more visits to your careers page, more candidates requesting information, and more candidates reaching out to you with applications rather than you always having to find them.

What we do

At Stories we create engaging recruitment marketing content—videos, social graphics, interactive stories, illustrations—that will grab candidates’ attention and keep it there. Based on this content they will then self-select themselves either in or out of the application process. Those that buy into the content will be reaching out to you with their resume, lowering recruiting costs.

Our results

Our client Visionist was using our content with the goal of increasing career page activity. We analyzed activity on their careers site in the two months prior to the launch of our content and compared that data to the two months since our content was launched. On all metrics, site usage has improved in the time period after our content was added to the careers site. Take a look:

Client survey results

We asked our clients of recruitment marketing projects, “On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend our services to a friend based on the impact our content had on your candidate flow?” The average response was:


People we have interviewed since we posted the videos on our website have commented about the videos. Some comments received: “I was looking for a good company to work for and I visited your website and watched your videos and was impressed, so I submitted my resume.” “I watched the videos and was able to get a good feel for the kind of people that work at Visionist and the leadership. I liked what I saw and heard.”

– Chris Berry, Visionist

I do think we are getting more interest from applicable candidates once we have initiated. The submission of resumes has grown… and we have grown in market recognition.

Michelle Flesher, Visionist

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