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Head of Content Marketing

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Stories Inc. is a small team in the growing field of employer branding and recruitment marketing. We are a professional services firm that uncovers stories that communicate culture, and creates compelling content for our clients. We work with leading Fortune 500 employer brands as well as mid-sized companies with innovative cultures. With a net promoter score of 100, we’ve earned our market reputation by delivering fantastic service and results. We are expanding our team by hiring a Head of Content Marketing for our own marketing (not client) efforts. Important to note: This role is also the primary content creator.

The Stories Inc. Marketing Team

Over the past year, we’ve built a marketing engine to generate leads that close faster than sales qualified leads. Our brand recognition and thought leadership has grown among our target market. And, we’ve expanded the breadth of our marketing efforts while investing in the right tools. In sum: this job has gotten very fun.

And, there’s more good news! It’s time for someone like you to take the function further, way past this founder’s learn-on-the-job experience. While we’ve started to build something special, there are lots of untapped opportunities. That’s where you come in.

Opportunities for Content Marketing

  • Market to marketers! Use your experience and persona research to better engage our core audience
  • Untapped: paid media, SEO for expanded markets
  • Use your expertise to tweak what’s working to further fuel results
  • Build awareness and engagement for new audiences
  • Fastest growing social channel is not currently managed
  • Content co-marketing possibilities abound (with clients, with partners)
  • Wide variety of content marketing activities (social posts, infographics, thought leadership pieces, eBooks and case studies).
  • Build and own this function.
  • Future state: After understanding the nuances of our market, grow the team by hiring specialists in areas you design. Path to Head of Marketing after mastering demand generation and executing on marketing strategies you design. 

Challenges to the Role

  • Primary target market is niche, and the search volume is small
  • Did you see the part about building new audiences from scratch? That’s hard.
  • We’re a small team and this person is the primary content creator.
  • Content quality bar is high. Because Stories Inc. creates high quality recruitment marketing content for our clients, the content we use to market our work must adhere to the same standards. Stories Inc. marketing content should also project our brand and brand voice: thoughtful, create and share high value content to our audience, visually beautiful, and real (no stock photos, no jargon or generic phrases).

Why should you do this work at Stories Inc.?

  • Each person at our company really cares about doing great work
  • We value marketing and recognize it as one of the most important ways to grow our business
  • Flexible work schedule with the expectation you’re living your life fully (unlimited and untracked vacation time, remote work is a consideration if outside the DC metro area)
  • A supportive culture we can prove (through stories!! That’s our jam).
This is our YouTube channel filled with Stories Inc. team members about their experience working here.

Is this you?

  • You are an excellent, clear and concise writer, and always adapt your style for different channels and content mediums. You can share a variety of work examples: succinct and engaging social posts, visually interesting infographics, thought leadership pieces, and substantive but easy to read eBooks and case studies.
  • You like planning and marketing strategy, and can execute on a shared vision
  • You think it’s critical to understand each audience with whom you’re trying to engage
  • You understand the nuances of each marketing channel and are on top of trends that impact user growth and engagement (algorithm changes, for example)
  • Excellent technical skills and proven success in inbound marketing, content marketing, and paid and organic search, with certifications to prove you’re a lifelong learner
  • You really care: you’re constantly testing, thinking, and learning about how to engage an audience and optimize conversions
  • You are comfortable owning a number (number of MQLs generated, sales generated), and have proven experience driving revenue growth through marketing
  • You are motivated by making an impact and achieving results, but you also find joy in the journey of your work
  • Experience working in a marketing agency or running content marketing for a company in our field is valuable to us
  • Experience with Hubspot and WordPress very helpful

The process

If you think this is a good career opportunity for you, please apply by sending your resume and your favorite content marketing samples to [email protected].

After resume submission, part of the process may include a phone screen with the partner responsible for marketing. Finalists will be given a writing exercise, a call where you are encouraged to Ask a Partner Anything so you can best evaluate if this is the best next step for you, an in person meeting with the team, and two way reference checks.

Thanks for your consideration!